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IUPRA staff are often asked to share their expertise on how various policy and social issues disproportionately affect people of color in op-ed pieces. These op-eds have been published in local, state-wide, and national press.

A political stalemate over Puerto Rican aid is leaving all US disaster funding in limbo
Lauren Lluveras
The Conversation | April 2019

Why LeBron James' I Promise School should be more like LeBron and not shy away from issues of race 
Kevin Cokley
The Conversation | April 2019

Race relations in Texas still a work in progress
Kevin Cokley
Austin American-Statesman | April 2019
Waco Tribune-Herald | April 2019

This is how Texas can do a better job of preventing maternal mortality 
Michele Rountree
Caller Times | March 2019

My Great Expectations for Miles Morales
Lauren Lluveras
Latino Rebels | February 2019

Including foster care and homeless students in higher education
Tracie Lowe
Texas Tribune's TribTalk | February 2019

'Estamos Bien' and the forced resiliency of Black and Brown communities
Lauren Lluveras
Latino Rebels | December 2018

College is an impossible dream for many black foster children
Tracie Lowe
Texas Tribune's TribTalk | November 2018

There should not be a litmus test for patriotism
Kevin Cokley
The Hill | October 2018

Trump's behavior towards Puerto Ricans after Maria adds insult to injury
Lauren Lluveras
The Globe Post | September 2018

Puerto Rico has not recovered from Hurricane Maria
Lauren Lluveras
The Conversation | September 2018
Univision | September 2018
WTOP | September 2018
UPI | September 2018

Kavanaugh could undermine diversity on college campuses
Shavonne Henderson and Martin Kamp
San Antonio Express | September 2018
Austin American-Statesman | September 2018
Caller Times | September 2018
Campus Reform | October 2018
WND | October 2018

What keeps racism alive? To start, most of us can't see it
Kevin Cokley
San Antonio Express | August 2018
Austin American-Statesman | August 2018

My Grandma Went to Jail for Selling Joints and Now White People are Profiting Off Weed
Lauren Lluveras
Vice | April 2018

How MLK's death changed America
Kevin Cokley
Dallas News | March 2018

Brown v. Board of Education anniversary — re-segregate schools voluntarily for black students
kihana miraya ross
The Hill | December 2017

Texans Lose After Lawmakers Defund Office of Minority Health
Lauren Lluveras
Rivard Report | November 2017
The Monitor | November 2017
Amarillo Globe-News | November 2017
Austin American-Statesman | November 2017
Houston Chronicle | November 2017
San Antonio Express-News | November 2017

It’s wrong for Texas to criminalize abortions
Shavonne Henderson and Richa Gupta
Texas Tribune's TribTalk | November 2017

Why Texas doesn’t come close to having true democracy
Lauren Lluveras
Austin American-Statesman | October 2017
Corpus Christi Caller-Times | October 2017

Is racial bias driving Trump’s neglect of Puerto Rico?
Lauren Lluveras
Houston Chronicle | October 2017
Chicago Tribune | October 2017
The Conversation | October 2017
United Press International | October 2017

Puerto Rico: Racializing the federal response
Lauren Lluveras
The Globe Post | October 2017

Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy will make hurricane recovery brutal – here’s why
Lauren Lluveras
The Conversation | September 2017
Houston Chronicle | September 2017
Washington Post | September 2017

Trump isn’t urging patriotism; he’s provoking a culture war
Kevin Cokley
Austin American-Statesman | September 2017
Waco Tribune-Herald | September 2017
Rivard Report | September 2017

More universities need to embrace anti-hate policies
Shetal Vohra-Gupta and Naomi Reed
Houston Chronicle | August 2017

On race, America cannot look to Trump for moral leadership
Kevin Cokley
The Globe Post | August 2017

Australian woman’s death reveals the human toll of a police shooting
Kevin Cokley
The Globe and Mail | July 2017

JFK at 100: Celebrating women’s rights legacy
Laurie Green and Shetal Vohra-Gupta
USA TODAY | May 2017
Houston Chronicle | May 2017

Working moms to suffer under TrumpCare
Shetal Vohra-Gupta
The Hill | July 2017

Gaffes aside, what Ben Carson could do with the keys he holds
Shetal Vohra-Gupta
EBONY | March 2017

An open letter to Betsy DeVos: Listen to your community
Shetal Vohra-Gupta
Medium | January 2017
Huffington Post | February 2017

‘Our children can become president, too’: Obama’s presidency was a dream realized
Kevin Cokley
the grio | January 2017

What Martin Luther King Jr. may have thought about U.S. today
Kevin Cokley
Austin American-Statesman | January 2017
Dallas Morning News | January 2017
Psychology Today | January 2017
Texas Perspectives | January 2017
Virgin Islands Daily News | January 2017
Olean Times Herald | January 2017

Stop, drop, and pay retail workers what they’re worth while you’re benefiting from Black Friday
Shetal Vohra-Gupta
Medium | November 2016

Despite strides against HIV, there’s much work ahead
Michele Rountree
Houston Chronicle | November 2016

Fighting imposter syndrome
Kevin Cokley
The Alcalde | November 2016

Making America white again: The ‘white lash’ that carries Trump
Kevin Cokley
The Globe and Mail | November 2016

FBI Director James Comey has a long history of ignoring the truth
Amanda Woog
Washington Post | November 2016

Law enforcement funding should be tied to proper reporting of custodial deaths
Amanda Woog
Houston Chronicle | October 2016

What it means to be black in the American educational system
Kevin Cokley
The Conversation | October 2016

Toward a reproductive justice framework based on meaningful family choice
Amanda Woog and Shetal Vohra-Gupta
Harvard Law and Policy Review | September 2016

Who dies in police custody? Texas, California offer new tools to find out
Amanda Woog
The Conversation | August 2016
Huffington Post | August 2016
Houston Chronicle | August 2016

Lost in the rhetoric of race are too many lost lives
Kevin Cokley
The Globe and Mail | July 2016

Change police training tactics to stop shootings of black men
Kevin Cokley and Germine Awad
Dallas Morning News | July 2016

Beyonce, bell and biracial me: A thank you note by Naomi Reed
Naomi Reed
NewBlackMan (in Exile) | May 2016

Donald Trump, Militias, and the Paradox of “Whiteness History Month”
Naomi Reed
Truthout | April 2016

School-to-prison pipeline rooted in Nixon’s war on drugs
Lorna Hermosura
Austin American-Statesman | April 2016
San Antonio Express-News | April 2016

3 steps to chip away at the gender pay gap
Shetal Vohra-Gupta
Dallas Morning News | April 2016

Are all black students falling behind?
Kevin Cokley
The Conversation | April 2016
New Boston Post | April 2016

Texas must change how we learn about black lives in school
Naomi Reed and Karen Moran Jackson
Fort Worth Star-Telegram | February 2016

Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘dream’ is on life-support
Kevin Cokley
Dallas Morning News | January 2016;
Austin American-Statesman | January 2016

Kids, dogs and law enforcement
Victor O. Obaseki
Texas Tribune’s Trib Talk | January 2016

Texas law on police shootings is only a start
Amanda Woog
Dallas Morning News | December 2015

After ‘Shakara’: 5 reforms to prevent police violence in schools
Amanda Woog, Naomi Reed, and Shetal Vohra-Gupta
EBONY | December 2015

Are Texas textbooks making cops more trigger-happy?
Naomi Reed
The Conversation | November 2015
Newsweek | November 2015

Real Talk: Ebony’s controversial Cosby Show cover is just what Dr. Huxtable ordered
Naomi Reed
Chicago Reader | October 2015

End racial disparities in school discipline
Kevin Cokley
San Antonio Express-News | September 2015
Houston Chronicle | September 2015
Dallas Morning News | September 2015
Fort Worth Star-Telegram | September 2015

On the clearance rack – the value of a working woman
Shetal Vohra-Gupta
Austin American-Statesman | September 2015