Institute of Urban Policy

Staff Bios

Kevin Cokley, PhD | Director | 512-471-4672 | GWB 4.106
Dr. Cokley is a counseling psychologist and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Black Psychology. His research and teaching can be broadly categorized in the area of African American psychology. His research foci have included examining (1) the psychological and environmental factors that impact African American student achievement, (2) the influence of racial and ethnic identity, and (3) correlations of mental health including perceived discrimination, religiosity, and spirituality, and most recently the impostor phenomenon. Using social science research, personal anecdotes, and references to popular culture, his current book project debunks the myth of Black anti-intellectualism.

Michele Rountree, PhD | Associate Director | 512-471-4728 | GWB 4.104
Dr. Michele A. Rountree is a recognized health researcher in the improvement of health equity outcomes of marginalized populations in the areas of research, policy, and advocacy. Her research focuses singularly and at the nexus of experiences related to HIV/AIDS, intimate partner violence, mental health, substance abuse, and the social determinants of health.

Shavonne Henderson, JD | Assistant Director of Policy Research | 512-471-4225 | GWB 4.116
Henderson provides legal perspective and analysis on IUPRA's policy reports and briefs. She also serves to connect IUPRA with community members and policymakers. She conducts research, speaks, and lectures about race and the law and their intersection with policy. Her interests include the application of critical race theory to the law, reproductive justice, and health outcomes for Black women. Henderson has varied legal experience that includes private practice for national law firms and higher education. Licensed in Texas, Henderson holds her Juris Doctor from The University of Texas School of Law. She received a Bachelor of Arts in the Plan II Honors Program and a Bachelors of Arts in Government from The University of Texas at Austin.

Lauren Lluveras, JD | Senior Postdoctoral Fellow | 512-232-3809 | GWB 4.114
Lauren Lluveras is a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis, housed in African and African Diaspora Studies at The University of Texas at Austin and a 2018 Public Voices Fellow with the Op-Ed Project. As a postdoctoral scholar, Lluveras is studying the impact Texas' institutions and policies have on marginalized populations and Black communities, particularly. Her research interests include Texas' history and ongoing methods of voter suppression among communities of color; Texas' housing policies in relation to the state's Black community; and developing and leading the Institute's public engagement strategy. Along with several state periodicals, her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, The Conversation, Salon, Latino USA, Teen Vogue, and VICE. Previously, Lluveras provided diversity, inclusion, and racial equity consultative services to state institutions as well as organized and mobilized Central Texas communities around social justice issues through the state's equity office, the Center for the Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities. Lluveras has also worked closely with victims of domestic violence, undocumented students, victims of crime and homeless communities as a clerk for Texas Advocacy Project and Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, and as a student defense attorney at the Center for Legal and Social Justice. She holds a Juris Doctor from St. Mary's University, School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts from Texas A&M University.

Tracie A. Lowe, PhD | Postdoctoral Fellow | 512-471-6094 | GWB 4.110
Dr. Tracie A. Lowe is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Austin for IUPRA. Her research focuses on the experiences of Black students in higher education with a particular focus on Black women graduate students. Additionally, her research interests include issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education. Tracie holds a doctorate in educational leadership and policy from The University of Texas at Austin; a master's degree in educational administration and bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies both from Texas A&M university.

Nino Rodriguez, MA | Research Associate | 512-475-7882 | GWB 4.114
Nino Rodriguez is a two-time alumnus of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC). Currently, he is a doctoral candidate at UIUC in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership with a concentration in the social and cultural studies of education. Nino's research agenda focuses on the socialization of Black males' figured worlds, specifically what it means to be a Black man in America and their pursuit of Black manhood. As a scholar-practitioner, Nino intends to use his research to: (a) shed light on the social institutions that hinder Black males' ability to free themselves of the racist and patriarchal chains imposed upon them; (b) inform policy makers of the policies used to create and maintain systemic barriers that impede the holistic development of Black males; and (c) develop programs and curriculum that foster safe spaces for Black males to deconstruct and reconstruct their notions of manhood and masculinity.

Desireé M. Ledet, MA | Grants and Contracts Specialist | 512-471-4626 | GWB 4.128
Ledet assists IUPRA staff and Black Studies affiliates in identifying and applying for funding opportunities to finance research and educational activities in alignment with the program’s mission. Upon award, she provides advanced contract management support to recipients and ensures compliance with the sponsoring agency’s general terms and conditions. Ledet received her Master’s degree in Public Affairs from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin and a dual Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Spanish at Texas A&M University. She is also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, serving in northern Peru from 2005-2008.

Holly W. Collins, BA | Multimedia Communications Specialist | 512-232-5782 | GWB 4.102
Collins is a communications specialist passionate about using storytelling and education to inspire action. At IUPRA, she manages all communications initiatives and strategy through concise writing and careful editing, creative design, and engaging multimedia content. Collins previously worked for CORE Group in Washington, DC, and received a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Journalism from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is a Certified Knowledge Management Specialist with the Knowledge Management Institute (KMI).

Kae'lyn Thompson | Senior Administrative Associate | 512-471-3645 | GWB 4.108
Thompson provides research and day-to-day assistance to the department as a whole. She brings her experience from a local startup where she helped build the company from the ground up, writing and helping establish policies and procedure in a new branch of the tech industry.