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Application Process and Checklist
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Application Process

  • The UT application period opens on August 1st. Instructions can be found here.
  • Near the end of the UT Admissions application, there will be a question about whether or not you want to apply to an honors program. Check the 'Yes' box. Being in an honors program at UT is not necessarily more difficult. If anything, it gives you more opportunities. You have nothing to lose, so just check the 'Yes' box! After you have submitted your UT application, you will receive an email with a link directing you to the LAH (and any other honors programs you selected) application. Additional information about the application can be found here. Make sure to check your UT Status Page so that all parts of your application are marked as 'complete'.
  • LAH encourages all of its applicants to APPLY EARLY. The sooner you apply, the sooner you may hear an admissions decision from us.
  • LAH has a recommended application completion date of November 1. If an application is submitted by that date, we will try to have a decision made before winter break, but it is not guaranteed. December 1 is the absolute deadline to have your UT and honors application completed.
  • You may apply and be admitted to more than one honors program, but depending on the combination, you may have to choose.
  • In addition to the admissions application, students are encouraged to apply for UT scholarships. Students who apply to LAH may also be considered for a 40 Acres full-ride scholarship, and the Dedman Distinguished Scholars Scholarship for students in LAH or Plan II.


  • Complete ApplyTexas Application or Coalition for College Application
  • $75 Application Fee (Or Application Fee Waivers)
  • Send Official High School Transcript and Rank
    • Send College Transcripts if applicable
  • SAT or ACT scores are OPTIONAL
  • Expanded Resume
  • Complete Essays:
    • Complete UT Admissions Essay Prompts
    • Complete UT Short Answer Prompts
    • Complete Liberal Arts Honors Admissions Essay Prompt

What We Look For

  • LAH conducts a holistic review of all applications.
  • A commitment to a liberal arts education is central to all students of LAH. We believe that the critical thinking and writing skills afforded to you by a liberal arts education facilitate your success. A desire for this type of education should show in your application.
  • As writing is key to our program, we thoroughly read the essays submitted with the UT application. We encourage applicants to submit their best writing.
  • LAH looks for students who challenge themselves academically throughout high school by taking AP/IB classes where offered and who maintain a full senior year course load.
  • LAH also looks for leadership amongst its applicants. We would prefer to see that you participated in one or two organizations throughout high school and earned leadership positions instead of the "senior blitz" where you took parts in many organizations but were not committed to any of them.

Application Writing Prompt

  • Below you will find the writing prompt that LAH will ask for on the Honors Application. Because writing is key to our program, you should prepare your responses carefully and thoroughly.
    • Students in Liberal Arts Honors embrace the opportunity to delve into their academic interests, discover new realms of intellectual inquiry, and chart their own honors path through an interdisciplinary education. Tell us why the depth, breadth, and flexibility of a Liberal Arts education are ideally suited to exploring the areas of study that excite you. (250 words)