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Envision Austin

Envision Austin is a competition in LAH 103H The Idea of Civic Engagement that asks students to imagine an organization that provides a needed service to the Austin or University of Texas community. Working in small groups, LAH Scholars research their idea, put together business plans, and create a pitch deck. The proposals are then presented to a panel of judges with the top three pitches receiving seed money for their organization.

2019 Envision Austin Winners


Epiphany was made to connect level of care residents to UT volunteers in music and other fine arts to improve their quality of life. Through our web and mobile applications, we aim to provide reliable information to volunteers and recipients alike about people around them to provide or receive musical and artistic therapy.


Barks for Books

Texas Barks for Books transports kids from local elementary schools to Austin Animal Center as part of an after-school program and allow them to read a book to a dog. With help from the animal shelter and the school, we provide the children and volunteers with a training course before the program to ensure that everyone involved understands how to properly and safely interact with the dogs. The children then pair up with a dog, sit in front of the kennel, and read a book to the dog. This gives the dog the human interaction it needs, and gives the child valuable reading practice with a non-judgemental audience. It also gives the student a sense of service and empathy for the animals.


Reading With Meaning

RWM aims to introduce diverse literature in the classroom as a means of providing developmental bibliotherapy.

2018 Envision Austin Winners

Watch highlights from the 2018 winners' presentations.

SCORE Athletics

SCORE aims to provide low-socioeconomic elementary schools students in East Austin with opportunities to engage in team sports coached by UT student mentors. Through this after-school program, we aim to enhance the students' educational experience as they learn critical teamwork, social, and leadership skills while also providing the students with positive role models to aspire to be.


Texas Humanities for Humanity

Texas Humanities for Humanity, also known as Texas H4H, aims to tell a story. We strive to apply our liberal arts education to aid individuals facing life-limiting illness who desire to leave their legacy in a tangible and durable format. Our volunteers meet with individuals such as patients isolated in hospice centers and parents suffering from terminal disease who hope to impart wisdom to their children, grandchildren, and community. From these interview sessions, our volunteers, organized into peer editing boards, will craft a short film and brief biographical article about the interviewee. Our desire to share the stories of others stems not only from our conviction that every human being deserves the opportunity to leave their legacy, but also from the current medical literature which suggests that when patients tell their stories, health outcomes may improve. At Texas Humanities for Humanity, we strive to share stories, improve patients' well-being, and human connection.


Horns for the Homeless

Horns for the Homeless was founded by UT Austin students in 2018 to serve the most underprivileged in our community. We aim to make the lives of the Austin homeless just a little bit better by providing basic necessities that many take for granted.

Past Winners

Students Against Silence

Our mission is to go beyond the 40 Acres of UT Austin and provide help in the realms of sexual assault prevention, awareness, and advocacy. We aim to get students off campus and into the community to volunteer at local shelters, crisis centers, the state capitol, and so much more. We will be hosting and collaborating with several fantastic organizations and initiatives in order to truly make a difference.

SEAL (Students Expanding Austin Literacy)

SEAL is a service organization that helps kids dive into reading. We recruit passionate UT Austin students and train them to become literacy tutors, mentors, and advocates. Hundreds of our volunteers stuff their bags with good books and work with small groups of underserved students in Austin every week. We aim to instill confidence and curiosity in every SEAL student, whether they attend college or elementary school.


LAH Ambush with SEAL

LARA (Liberal Arts Refugee Alliance)

LARA is a student organization that provides students with volunteer and educational opportunities supporting Austin's refugee population.