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Winfred P. Lehmann

Winfred P. Lehmann, Ph.D., former Louann and Larry Temple Centennial Professor Emeritus in the Humanities, founding Chairman of the Department of Linguistics, and Chairman of the Department of Germanic Languages. Founded and, until his death in 2007, directed the Linguistics Research Center.

Although research began in 1959, it wasn't until 1961 that the Linguistics Research Center was officially founded here at the University of Texas at Austin. Our founder holds a special place in this center, due not only to his monumental contributions to the field of historical linguistics, but also to the warmth with which he treated others and the inspiration he brought to those around him. Please click here for further information about Dr. Lehmann, or see this list of his publications.

Interim Director

Jonathan Slocum

Jonathan Slocum, Ph.D., already had a distinguished career working as a software developer before joining the LRC in the late 1970s. Shortly after joining the LRC, Dr. Slocum began work on METAL, the first machine-translation system of its kind anywhere in the world. While modern systems tend to use statistical analysis of text to infer meaning, the METAL project was designed from the ground up on a foundation of linguistic principles. To date it remains the most successful rules-based automatic translation system in the world, and it still forms the backbone of more modern translation systems.

Dr. Slocum also designed the original computational infrastructure for the Early Indo-European OnLine collection of lessons, as well as the system for creating the Indo-European Lexicon.

After Dr. Lehmann's passing, Dr. Slocum became Interim Director of the LRC in 2007. He stepped down from this role in 2011.

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