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Jonathan Slocum

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of General Interest

  • Computer hardware & software
  • Computational linguistics & languages
  • Reading (esp. history, science and technology: fact & fiction)
  • Music (esp. Early, Baroque, Classical, and Folk)
  • Performing arts (singing, acting, set design & construction)
  • Travel (domestic & foreign)
  • Biblical studies & teaching
  • Family genealogy
  • Woodworking


Ph.D.   in Computer Science, Linguistics, and Germanic Languages
University of Texas, Austin, 1981
M.A.   in Computer Science (minor: Psycholinguistics)
University of Texas, Austin, 1975
B.A.   in Psychology, with Honors (near-majors: Mathematics, Computer Science)
University of Texas, Austin, 1971

Professional Experience

2007 - 2011   Interim Director, Linguistics Research Center, University of Texas, Austin.
Spring, 2005   Lecturer (part-time), Dept. of Linguistics, UT Austin:
taught graduate-level computational linguistics course.
2001 - 2011   Research Scientist, Linguistics Research Center, University of Texas, Austin:
research and website development (early Indo-European languages).
1998 - 2001   Senior Software Engineer, Goodbyte Corp., Austin, TX:
Java application development for corporate websites.
1995 - 1998   Chief Architect,, Inc., Redwood City, CA:
developed mass-market PC software products (in 7 European languages) --
  • Hanes® T-Shirtmaker
  • Hanes® T-Shirtmaker & More!
  • Softkey® Tshirt Creator
  • Hanes® T-Shirtmaker Expansion Pack
  • Hanes® T-Shirtmaker Accessory Pack
  • Hanes® T-Shirtmaker 2.0
  • et al.
1994 - 1995   Chief Scientist, Goodbyte Corp., Austin, TX:
engaged in corporate R&D, some funded by the National Science Foundation's SBIR program.
1988 - 1993   Staff Scientist, Symantec Corp., Cupertino, CA:
engaged in corporate R&D; responsible for the Query Guide and the Intelligent Assistant: two different natural language question-answering systems, in 4 and 7 European languages respectively, comprising menu-guided and free-text human interfaces to the mass-market PC database product Q&A.
1984 - 1988   Member of the Technical Staff, AI and HI Laboratories, Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC):
Director of the NABU multilingual Natural Language Processing project.
1982 - 1985   Lecturer (part-time), Dept. of Computer Sciences, UT Austin:
taught undergraduate- and graduate-level computer science courses.
1980 - 1984   Manager, Special Projects (METAL), Siemens Communication Systems, Inc., Boca Raton, FL:
Chief Architect and Manager of the METAL Machine Translation Project at the Linguistics Research Center, University of Texas.
1979 - 1980   Programmer/Analyst, Machine Translation (METAL) Project, Linguistics Research Center, UT Austin:
Chief Architect and Director of the METAL Machine Translation Project at the Linguistics Research Center, funded jointly by Siemens AG and the U.S. Government.
1975 - 1979   Research Linguist, SRI International, Menlo Park, CA:
responsible for natural language interfaces (parsing, question-answering, and generation including speech synthesis), theorem-prover interfaces, and design, implementation, and maintenance of a data base management system.
Spring, 1975   Computer Programmer, Computation Center, UT Austin:
responsible for development, maintenance, and documentation of UT LISP 5.0 for CDC 6000-series computers.
1970 - 1974   Research Assistant, Dept. of Computer Sciences, UT Austin:
responsible for software design, development, and maintenance for the Intelligent Computer-Assisted Instruction Project; areas of R&D covered natural language generation, question-answering, and analysis, as well as general system software & support.

Areas of R&D Expertise

Natural     Generating English discourse from semantic nets;
Language   programming simulated robots to respond to English commands;
Processing   answering questions in English (or French, German, etc.) from a database;
    explaining reasoning in artificial intelligence (AI) applications;
    translating technical documents (METAL German-English, etc.);
    designing natural-like formal language interfaces for input & output;
    phrasing robot plans, for confirmation prior to their execution;
    creating practical (incl. commercial) multi-lingual applications;
    automating creation/maintenance of multi-lingual websites with thousands of pages.
Software   System architecture for large-scale, high-efficiency processing;
Design &   engineering & testing practical & commercial applications;
Development   semi-automated product localization for foreign markets;
    natural language processing software in Lisp, Perl, Java, C...

Computer Hardware & Software

Computers   Op. Sys.   Languages
IBM-PC & clones   Windows   Perl, Java, C, C++, SQL, CommonLisp
IBM-PC & clones   Linux   Perl, Java
Apple Macintosh   Systems 4-7   CommonLisp, C, C++
IBM-PC & clones   DOS   IQLisp, GCLisp, C, Basic
Lisp Machine   Symbolics   ZetaLisp, CommonLisp, ZMACS
DEC-20   TOPS-20   Lisp, Fortran, Teco, LaTex, SPSS
DEC-10   10X/TOPS-10   InterLisp, Fortran, Snobol, Teco, Macro
IBM 370   CMS   SAS
CDC 6x00   UT-2D   Lisp, Compass, Fortran, Snobol
IBM 7094       MAP

Courses Taught

University      Course      Description
of Texas,
  Lin 386M
CS 378
CS 340
CS 135
  Computational Linguistics
Advanced LISP Programming for Artificial Intelligence
Data Structures
LISP Programming
  History; Technology;
MT Systems; METAL;
The State of the Art;
System Construction Techniques

Professional Services

Editorial Boards   Computers and Translation,
American Journal of Computational Linguistics
Guest Editor   Computational Linguistics
Program Committees   COLING; ACL; IJCAI;
AI chairman, European ACL
Local Arr. Chair   2nd ACL Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing
Reviewer   General Linguistics,
American Journal of Computational Linguistics,
National Science Foundation;
misc. others

Invited Lectures


"Machine Translation," presented at the Machine Translation Industrial Seminar, Gothenburg University, Sweden

"The METAL System," presented at the Machine Translation Industrial Seminar, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Workshop Director, "The Future of Machine Translation," at the Nordic Summer School on Machine Translation, Gothenburg, Sweden


"The History of Machine Translation," presented at the IBM Europe Institute, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Panel member, "Machine Translation, Now and in the Future," IBM Europe Institute, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany


"Machine Translation: A Look Back and a Look Ahead," presented to the Circle for Research in Computational Linguistics, Arizona State University


"Machine Translation: Practical Issues," a tutorial presented in three parts at the Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Second World Basque Congress, San Sebastián, The Basque Country, Spain

Panel member, "Machine Translation (Building a Practical System)," Natural Language Processing short course for the U.S. Army Research Office, presented by the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Department of Computer Sciences, University of Texas, Austin


"Machine Translation," a lecture in two parts presented to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, People's Republic of China

"Machine Translation: an American Perspective," presented at the Artificial Intelligence '86 Conference and Exhibition, Singapore


"The Treatment of Grammatical Categories and Word Order in Machine Translation," presented at the Workshop on the Development of Computer-Assisted Translation, Saudi Arabian National Center for Science and Technology, Riyadh

"Parser Construction Techniques," tutorial presented at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the ACL, University of Chicago


"The LRC Machine Translation System," presented at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights

"How one might Automatically Identify and Adapt to a Sublanguage: an initial exploration," presented at the Sublanguage Workshop, New York University

"METAL: The LRC Machine Translation System," ISSCO Tutorial on Machine Translation, Lugano, Switzerland

"Artificial Intelligence and the Fifth Generation," Science Futures Symposium, University of Texas, Austin

"Machine Translation: Its History, Current Status, and Future Prospects," Closing Keynote Address, COLING84 (International Conference on Computational Linguistics), Stanford University

"Transportability to Other Languages," presented at the ACL/NSF Workshop on Transportable Language Processing, Duke University


"The LRC Machine Translation System," presented at the General Motors Research Laboratories, Warren, Michigan


"The METAL Translation System," presented to the Department of Defense, Washington, D.C.


"Natural Language Generation," presented at the IBM Research Laboratory, San Jose, California.

See Publications.

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