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The Impact of COVID-19 on our Current Research:

The Latino Research Institute remains committed to its active research studies, which are currently in progress in various parts of central and south Texas. All in-person research activities have been suspended, but data collection and other research activities will continue to take place online and via telephone and video conference. The work of our dedicated researchers will remain important to the health and well-being of the Latino community long after this pandemic makes its way across the globe. The virus’ path is indiscriminate, but communities of color will arguably bear the greatest burden as society continues to function on the backs of those who have no option but to continue working. The research we produce today will be there for these communities tomorrow, as we continue to challenge systemic inequities that leave the Latino community most vulnerable during global crises.
Due to COVID-19, the Latino Studies offices will be closed to the public during the fall semester. Latino Studies staff continue to work remotely and can be reached via email at any time. To locate staff emails, refer to the Staff List in the navigation to the bottom left. 

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