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 Latino Studies is a powerhouse of Latino thought and advocacy at The University of Texas at Austin, fearlessly upholding the mission of ethnic studies by creating space to explore and understand the lives of Latinos in the U.S. while using our knowledge and resources to support Latino communities everywhere. Since 1970, we’ve grown from a student initiative calling for courses on Mexican American topics to a substantial organization of recognized stature encompassing three program units: as the oldest unit, the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) builds on its legacy of collective action by connecting our students to the Austin community through outreach and public events. The Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies (MALS) offers a full spectrum of interdisciplinary courses that challenge traditional narratives through emboldened scholarship. The newest of our units, the Latino Research Institute generates data and research that is vital to sustaining healthy, productive and just environments for Latinos, working closely with policy makers, activists, and other community partners to turn research on topics like immigration, women’s and mental health, and education into practice. Together as Latino Studies, all three units are fiercely committed to the empowerment of students, scholars, and communities for the purpose of realizing a just and affirmative future for all.