Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

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On a regular basis, teacher workshops on various aspects of global studies are sponsored by the Center and by Hemispheres, the international outreach consortium, which is a collaborative partnership of the four Title-VI funded area studies centers on the University of Texas campus, representing Latin America; the Middle East; Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia; and South Asia.

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An Introduction to the Middle East
In 2007, the CMES outreach program introduced a set day long workshops for educators entitled “An Introduction to the Middle East.” The workshops were developed in conjunction with the Region XIII Educational Service Center of the Texas Education Agency in Austin, and are specifically intended to assist social studies educators in expanding their background knowledge about Southwest Asia and North Africa.

The workshops are designed in ‘modules’ of an hour and a half that can be arranged based on the interests of attendees, which allows for one workshop to explore, for example, the Abrahamic faiths in detail, while another workshop might focus on women and gender. The workshops have been offered at Educational Service Centers in Austin, San Angelo, and Abilene, and a half-day version was offered in Victoria. 

A limited number of these workshops can be offered each semester, and are intended for presentation to groups of educators at school districts or regional service centers. If you are interested in learning more about hosting a workshop, please contact Katie Aslan, Director of Outreach and Public Programs.

Past workshops have included:

  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Adventures in World Literature and the Social Studies
    Hemispheres Summer Teachers' Institute 2015
  • War and Conflict
    Hemispheres Summer Teachers' Institute 2014
  • Untangling World History
    Hemispheres Summer Teachers' Institute 2013
  • The City
    Hemispheres Summer Teachers' Institute 2012
  • Cold War Cultures
    Hemispheres Summer Teachers' Institute 2011
  • Unraveling Race and Ethnicity
    Hemispheres Summer Teachers Institute 2010
  • Sense of Place: Intersecting Geography, History and Culture
    Hemispheres Summer Teachers' Institute 2009
  • Teaching about the Arab World
    Fall 2003
  • Introduction to Islamic Art
    Fall 2003 
  • Presenting and Re-presenting Islam: Teaching and Studying about Islam in the United States
    March 21 and 22, 2002
    This workshop began with an examination of the ways and means to teach about Islam in the public school classroom. Following this, there were in-depth presentations and discussions on topics including: how Islam is presented in popular media, Islam in the United States, gender and Islam and issues of pluralism.
  • Faith, Devotion and Worship: World Religions in Central Texas
    February 12 and 13, 2002
    The four NRCs at UT hosted a two-day workshop for K-12 social studies teachers that addressed issues of faith, devotion, culture and identity in world societies. This interactive workshop was designed for middle and high school teachers of history, politics and literature.

Outreach Staff

Katie Aslan
Director of Outreach and Public Programs
(512) 471-3582

Further Resources

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