Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Department and Center Email Lists

Department and Center graduate students are subscribed to several lists to receive information. Students on a particular list may also use that list to distribute information themselves. Subscribers may manage their lists through the SYMPA system.

Please exercise common sense when using these lists. Poor judgement or abuse will result in removal, so please ensure that the content is somehow relevant to a list's recipients. If you're uncertain, please have the Graduate Coordinator screen it first.

Here are some examples of acceptable and non-acceptable use:


  • Anything having to do with C/DMES, Middle Eastern languages, or anything generally academic in nature
  • To advertise MES-related events on campus or in greater Austin
  • To generate interest in MES-related student groups or student government
  • To seek books or other academic materials from your colleagues that are either checked out of the library, or not available through the library to begin with
  • To occasionally advertise apartment sublets for the summer or following academic year. You might want a MES student to have first dibs before reaching out to the general public


  • Selling personal items unrelated to MES (furniture, cars, etc.)
  • Advertising personal events/meetings unrelated to MES (music/theater performances, etc.)


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Graduate students who work in Middle Eastern literatures/cultures:


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