Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

MELC / DMES Graduate Forms


You will need Adobe Reader or Apple Preview to access the forms. All forms must be emailed to Lisa Parisi as typed, digitally-signed PDFs. Scans will not be accepted.  


Degree Progress Checklists


MELC Milestones

Doctoral students are required to review the degree plans for their program, along with information about specific degree requirements and estimated timelines to reach various benchmarks for the different degree plan specializations. After you affirm your review of your program's Milestones, you will be able to log in to the Graduate Degree Planner at any time to check your progress to degree completion.

MELC History Track Degree Progress Checklist

This form is for you to keep track of your requirements. Please update this form regularly and share it with your Academic Advisor during Advising periods. 

Graduate Degree Planner

View your coursework, plan your course schedules, and see your program of work.



Advising and Registration


Advising & Registration Form

Each semester's coursework must be approved before registration.

DMES Conference Course Agreement Form 

To enroll in MEL, ARA, HEB, PRS or TUR 389. Conference course arrangements (selection of the topic of study and supervising instructor) must be finalized and approved by the graduate advisor prior to registration.

Research Language Examination Form

Students must pass both the research language examination and the major language examination (if applicable) before starting the comprehensive examination.

Comprehensive Exam Request Form 

To begin the comprehensive exams and/or enroll in a comprehensive exam preparation course, committee details and exam fields must be documented on this form and approved by the graduate advisor.

Dissertation Prospectus Request Form

The dissertation prospectus defense follows successful completion of the comprehensive examinations.  Once a student passes their Oral Exam, they must form their prospectus committee and set a date for the prospectus defense. 


Travel Funding


Professional Development Awards (OGS)

Professional Development Awards provide support for students to attend major professional meetings at which they present an original paper based on their research. The Graduate School allocates travel funds to each program at the beginning of each academic year. These awards are approved and administered by the Graduate School. To apply for OGS travel funding please send the required materials to Lisa Parisi via email. 


DMES/CMES Travel Awards

DMES/CMES offers travel fellowships to help defray the costs such as airfare, lodging, and registration fees associated with delivering conference presentations. These awards are approved by the Chair/Director. Additional details and requirements can be found on the funding tab


Office of Graduate Studies Forms


Late Registration

For continuing students who did not register during pre-registration. Late registration is in effect during the fifth through the twelfth class days of a long semester and the third and fourth class days of a summer term. It is the student’s responsibility to gather all the required signatures and deliver this form to the Graduate School.

Leave of Absence

For pre-candidacy students seeking authorization for a single semester or academic year leave. 1 academic year is the Graduate School's limit.

Request for Change in Doctoral Committee

This form must be typed and returned by the student to the Office of Graduate Studies (Main 101). A minimum of four faculty members must comprise a student's committee. Three of these must serve on the Department's Graduate Studies Committee.


Request for Dissertation Defense

This form--along with the materials requested on page one--must be typed, printed on pink paper, and returned by the student to the Office of Graduate Studies (Main 101) no later than two weeks before your Dissertation Defense. 


Miscellaneous Student Forms

Additional graduate forms not listed here including committee change petitions, transfer of credit forms, and extension petitions.

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