Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship Program

The Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) Program provides grants to a select number of institutions to enable them to offer competitive academic year and summer fellowships to graduate and undergraduate students. Meritorious students use the fellowships to pursue advanced training in modern foreign languages or international studies. Students recieve a monthly stipend and up $5,000 in tuition coverage per semester. 


The Center for Middle Eastern Studies' eligible Languages 

  • Arabic

  • Hebrew

  • Persian

  • Turkish



Graduate  Fellowships Compensation

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies' academic year FLAS provides a nine-month stipend of $15,000 (paid monthly September - May), plus resident tuition for up to eleven (11) hours of course credit per semester; any balance above 11 credit hours is the responsibility of the student.

Graduate & Undergraduate Summer Fellowships Compensation

The summer FLAS provides a stipend of $2,500, plus coverage of tuition and course-related fees up to $5,000, for an organized, intensive language study program.
*The remaining tuition and summer program expenses are the responsibility of the student. Typically, travel expenses are not covered by the FLAS but may be paid by the student using the stipend.
The disciplinary structure of a FLAS program may be interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary, including the humanities, social sciences, or other professional studies, and must include the study of the languages of the geographical area of specialization. FLAS fellowships continue to produce a uniquely qualified cadre of modern foreign language experts whose knowledge significantly influences the business, government, and higher education communities.


Academic Year Requirements

Fall Semester

one approved Area Studies Course ◊
one approved language course

Spring Semester

one approved Area Studies Course ◊
one approved language course


Summer Requirements

Contact Hours

Beginner & Intermediate levels of study
Advanced level of study



Students should also consider applying for FLAS Fellowships with any applicable FLAS-granting centers at UT or for summer FLAS awards at other FLAS-granting institutions as relevant to their research interests. 


Center for Eastern European and Russian Studies; UT Austin
Center for European Studies; UT Austin
South Asia Institute; UT Austin
Persian / Tajik


*Find out more here
◊ Courses must be listed as MES, MEL, or ISL in the course schedule. Graduate students must enroll in graduate seminars. 

Travel Authorization Requirements
Academic Year Course Requirements
Summer Registration Requirements


Summer 2019 & 2019-2020 FLAS Applications
Graduate Application
Undergraduate Application
Applications open
October 1, 2018
Applications close
December 15, 2018; midnight
Recommendation Letters due
December 31, 2018; midnight



If you have questions about FLAS requirements or the application that you cannot locate on the website or in the FAQ section, please email Lisa Parisi



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