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Department of Middle Eastern Studies

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Bryan Sitzes

PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Bryan Sitzes



Environmental Histories of the Persianate World




Bryan Sitzes received his Master's from the Center of Middle Eastern Studies in 2018. His thesis, under the direction of Dr. Kamran Aghaie, was titled "Alienating Iranians from their Environment: Irrigation, Flood Control, and Public Health in Late Pahlavi Khuzestan". In Fall 2018 he started the doctoral program in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies.

Bryan is currently pursuing two channels of research. The first involves tracing the development of modern environmental thought Iranian society. The second project seeks a better grasp of how the movement of people, animals, plants, and objects between Iran, Central Asia, and South Asia changed between the 18th and 20th centuries. In turn, this project will explore what role these shifting relationships played in the creation of modern identities and socio-economic structures in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

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