Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Graduate Programs

The graduate programs in Middle Eastern Studies encompasses a wide variety of critical methodologies and approaches to the Middle East. Guiding students to conceptualize the Middle East regionally instead of limiting them to a narrow scope of nation- and language-based inquiry, the graduate programs encourage comparative study of the cultures, histories, and languages of the Middle East. In keeping with its open and flexible conception of Middle Eastern Studies, the programs nurture the study of more than one Middle Eastern language and familiarity with multiple Middle Eastern cultures. Course offerings are also widely varied, as are the topics of master’s theses/reports and doctoral dissertations. UT's MES graduate programs embrace an inclusive view of the field, ensuring its continued leadership and visibility in the field. 
Our graduate programs in Middle Eastern Studies have among the strongest job placement records in the College of Liberal Arts. Although graduate programs in Middle Eastern Studies are not ranked officially in national reviews, we are nationally and internationally recognized as an academically excellent program which supports its students during their studies and places them in appropriate positions upon graduation.   


Applications are now closed for Fall 2019 Admissions. 


Master's Programs

MA in Middle Eastern Studies

degree code 668000

Dual Degrees

Dual Degree MA MES / MBA Business Administration
Dual Degree MA MES / JD with the School of Law
Dual Degree MA MES / Communications Journalism
 Dual Degree MA / Communications Radio, Television, Film
Dual Degree MA MES / Masters of Public Affairs.
With the LBJ School of Public Affairs
Dual Degree MA MES / MSc with Information Studies
Dual Degree MA MES / Masters of Global Policy
With the LBJ School of Public Affairs


Doctorate in Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures

We encourage prospective students to read our Graduate Admissions FAQ, as many general questions are answered on our website.



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