Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Time to Degree and Deadlines

Time to Degree

The College of Liberal Arts strives to matriculate outstanding master's students and provide them with the training, experience and support necessary for successful completion of their respective degrees. 

Within this framework, the College views time to degree as a strong indicator of program quality and student success. Time to degree is broadly accepted as a criterion in the evaluation of graduate programs, and the College, much like the University as a whole and peer institutions across the nation. 

The College currently has a parental academic accommodation that allows for a one-semester extension in the expected time to degree in cases of childbirth or adoption.


Single-Degree Students:  

For these students, the MA degree must be completed within two academic years (typically 21 months). An exception to this is the Dual-Language Track, where an additional year is permitted. The majority of courses do not need to be taken in any particular order, but the thesis or report must be completed during the semester in which the student graduates.

Dual-Degree Students: 

Students simultaneously earning an MA in Middle Eastern studies and a second degree from one of UT’s professional schools are expected to finish their degrees in three academic years--with the exception of Law, which is a four-year program. 



Deadlines are critical and the flexibility built into the system is minimal. Keep a calendar, and mark important deadlines—those established by the University, those established by the Center, and those established by the individual faculty in courses. Funding agencies may also have their own deadlines. The Graduate Coordinator often sends reminders by e-mail, but the responsibility is ultimately yours.


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