Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Master's Program in Middle Eastern Studies

Offered by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, the MA in Middle Eastern Studies (degree code 668000) is an interdisciplinary academic degree designed to broaden and deepen the student’s knowledge of the languages and cultures of the Middle East. The program develops a strong knowledge base, preparing students for leadership positions as professionals in areas such as government, NGOs, business, consulting, foreign policy, international law, journalism, and translation. Approximately 30% of graduates continue to doctoral studies in their chosen academic discipline.

Dual-Degree Programs 

In addition to the MA in Middle Eastern studies, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies offers seven dual degrees that allow graduate students to simultaneously earn an MA in Middle Eastern studies and a second degree from one of UT’s professional schools. Dual Degree students typically spend a third year at CMES (or a fourth, in the case of the Law dual degree). MA degree requirements remain the same for Dual Degree students as for non-dual degree students.



We encourage prospective students to read our Graduate Admissions FAQ, as many general questions are answered on our website.

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