Department of Middle Eastern Studies
Department of Middle Eastern Studies

Islamic Studies

The doctoral program in Islamic Studies at UT Austin provides in-depth multidisciplinary training in the study of Islam coupled with a strong grounding in languages and theoretical approaches in religious studies. 
The core faculty consists of eight tenured and tenure-track members who offer courses in a range of subjects that include Islamic law, gender and women’s studies, history, Shi'ism, Sufism, art, architecture, devotional poetry, diaspora, political theory, and sovereignty in Islam. Besides Arabic, students can take advantage of advanced teaching of Persian, Turkish, Urdu and other vernacular languages of Muslim societies. All students are also required to take a theory and method course in the study of religion and to develop a minor field. Overall, the doctoral program strives to produce well-rounded and rigorous scholars of Islam who are experts in their own fields and capable of collaborating with colleagues in related disciplines.


Ph.D. Requirements 2018-2020

Core Degree

• a minimum of 30 hours of MELC courses;
• 9 hours of language seminars; 
• at least 3 hours of comprehensive exams;
• reading knowledge of French or German;
• mastery in a Middle Eastern language;
• at least 6 credit hours of dissertation coursework

Track Specifications and Requirements

Islamic Studies 
Coursework must include 3 hours of the following seminars: Trends in Islamic Studies; Theory and Method in Study of Religion; Supervised Teaching.
Students must also take 9 hours in the following fields: "Institutions and Traditions of Islam", "Thematic Approaches to Islam", and 9 hours from a Minor Area
Students are required to have four semesters of approved language coursework, two of which must be at an advanced/research level.
** Degrees are disciplinary, not language, oriented. 

We encourage prospective students to read our Graduate Admissions FAQ, as many general questions are answered on our website.


Faculty and Research

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