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Admission Dates to know  will open for Fall 2025 Freshman admission on August 1. Students may also use the Common Application
 OCTOBER 15 - EARLY ACTION for UT AUSTIN -  This optional deadline will require UT Austin application submission by October 15, with a guaranteed decision regarding their university admission communicated to applicants by January 15.

The regular deadline for applications will remain December 1, with a guaranteed decision communicated by February 15. 

Plan II Honors will notify students of their program decision by March 1 - please note some decisions may be delivered earlier - but no earlier than January 15th. 

Students applying for Plan II Honors and other honors programs at UT Austin are strongly encouraged to complete their application by October 15. 

Students who are not admitted to UT Austin are no longer under consideration for Plan II Honors.

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SAT/ACT UPDATE: High school students who apply to The University of Texas at Austin for fall 2025 undergraduate admission will now be required to submit an ACT or SAT test score as part of their application, as such Plan II Honors will also require SAT or ACT scores as part of the application requirement.  

Application Checklist for Plan II Honors Applicants:

  • ApplyTexas Application (or Common Application) for Freshman Admission (Plan II is housed in the College of Liberal Arts, Liberal Arts must be 1 of your college choices; note we DO NOT have to be 1st choice)
  • $75 Application Fee
  • Student Information Form (if applicable)
  • Official High School Transcript and rank
  • SAT/ACT (required for Fall 2025 application review)
  • Essays 
  • Complete Plan II Honors prompts on Apply Texas (Common App) OR on Honors Application
  • Expanded Résumé

To apply to Plan II Honors, submit:

Students may apply for Plan II Honors on the ApplyTexas or Common application or via the on-line HONORS APPLICATION, which is accessible only after an applicant has completed and submitted the ApplyTexas (or Coalition Application) application.  Plan II is housed in the College of Liberal Arts, therefore, Liberal Arts must be 1 of the 2 college choices.  If you do not complete the honors application on ApplyTexas (Common Application) you may access the application via My Status. CLICK ON THE HONORS TAB on your MY STATUS page to access the honors application. Details on how to complete your ApplyTexas or Common application can be found at Texas Admissions.

The Plan II PERSONAL STATEMENT will be listed as an additional prompt to answer on ApplyTexas (or Common). The Personal statement consists of five sentences allowing you to tell the reviewer about yourself.  Please use these five sentences to describe yourself, your life, and your experiences that taken together form an accurate view of who you are and why the interdisciplinary nature of the Plan II honors program appeals to you.  This is your chance to shine.   Be creative! Be unique!  Do not list what was provided in other areas of your application.

Plan II also requires a short answer response.  Fall 2025 Plan II prompt:  

If you could add one required course—on any topic—to your high school’s curriculum, what would it be and why? What would you have liked to learn that wasn’t available to you? Limit your response to no more than 250 words.

Lastly, you must submit an EXPANDED RESUME  Plan II tips on the résumé

Additional Information:

  • Plan II does not require a teacher or counselor recommendation.
  • Do not send any application materials to the Plan II Honors office.  All materials must be submitted to the University of Texas at Austin Office of Admissions.  Electronic submission preferred in all cases.

Please do not submit documents via US Mail



An applicant may apply for on-campus housing as soon as the UT Austin application process is complete.  

Because housing choice order is based on the date of the housing application, the earlier the application is submitted, the better.

Applicants should NOT wait until they receive an admission offer or until they have made their college choice decisions if they want to live on the UT Austin campus.

The Housing application may be found at applicant's MyStatus site, under the Housing tab.