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Purchase Requests

  • To request a purchase on university funds (including grant and research/start-up accounts), submit a Purchase Request Form
  • Purchases over $15,000 require that we secure at least three (3) bids (two from HUB vendors) before the bid can be awarded.  Purchases over $50,000 must go through a formal bidding process that is handled by the University Purchasing Office.  An Exclusive Acquisition Justification Form may be used in lieu of bids in some instances.

Supply Purchases

  • Office supplies must be ordered through the department to ensure compliance with the university’s exclusive contract with Today’s Business Solutions.
  • To request office supplies, submit a Purchase Request Form
  • Visit the Office Depot/Office Max website to search for supplies, and provide the item # or a link to the item in your purchase request.
  • Employees cannot be reimbursed for the purchase of office supplies.  If supplies are needed immediately, you may be able to check out the Procard to purchase supplies in person at Office Depot.

Computer Purchases

  • Computers must be purchased through the department.  They cannot be purchased on a Procard or purchased by an employee and reimbursed.
  • To request a computer purchase, submit a Purchase Request Form
  • Not all computer models are supported by LAITS.  Please work with the LAITS staff to determine the appropriate model for your needs and to request a quote.

Procard Purchases

  • Some items can be purchased using a UT Procurement Card (Procard). The Purchasing Coordinator will determine whether a purchase can be made by Procard when the Purchase Request Form is submitted.
  • Faculty who maintain individual Procards should attend annual training to ensure that they are following all purchasing rules related to Procard usage.
  • Information on Procard policies and a list of disallowed purchases can be found here.
  • The Procard user is responsible for ensuring that sales tax is not charged on Procard purchases. If sales tax is charged, the purchaser must work with the vendor to get the tax refunded.
  • A Procard Charge Form with itemized receipt must be submitted within three days of all Procard purchases.
  • See the additional requirements for Procard purchases for food and Entertainment.

Reimbursement Requests

  • To request a reimbursement for an approved business purchase or expense, submit a Reimbursement for Purchases Form
  • Many purchases cannot be reimbursed, including but not limited to computers, software, electronics, or office supplies.  These items must be purchased by the department on your behalf.  To ensure that a purchase is eligible for reimbursement, please contact the Purchasing Coordinator before making the purchase.
  • The purchaser is responsible for ensuring that sales tax is not charged.  In most instances, sales tax is not a reimbursable expense.  To request a sales tax exemption, present a Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate (PDF).

Inventory Requirements

  • Please note that equipment over $500 must receive an inventory tag.  All equipment over $500 will be delivered to LAITS for setup and inventory tagging before being delivered to the department.  Inventoried equipment is property of the university, even if purchased with your own grant funds.
  • Inventoried equipment must be presented for scanning every year and must be returned to the department upon graduation or separation from the university.