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Behavioral Neuroscience

Photo of Laura Agee

Laura Agee

Graduate student

Photo of Emily Hilz

Emily Hilz

Graduate student |

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: learning and memory, psychopharmacology, sex differences, appetetive conditioning/extinction

Photo of M. Nicole Kunkel

M. Nicole Kunkel

Graduate student

Education: B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience, St. Edward's University

Interests: rat models, hormones and behavior, reward, sexual development and behavior, mate choice / preference, women's sexual health and wellness, female reproductive health, health equity, Culture of Health, health policy, accessible science, sex workers' occupational health

Photo of Julia Martz

Julia Martz

Graduate student |
512-471-0272 |
SEA 6.114B

Interests: Neural-endocrine regulation of motivated behaviors and associated disorders such as addiction, anxiety, and depression

Photo of Tyler Milewski

Tyler Milewski

Graduate student |
SEA 4.126

Education: M.S. Biochemistry, University of Scranton

Interests: Social Neuroscience, Neural Plasticity, Animal Cognition, Social Communication

Photo of Kevin Moran

Kevin Moran

Graduate student |
SW7 Office 201

Education: B.S. in Psychology, University of Iowa

Photo of Victoria Nemchek

Victoria Nemchek

Graduate student |
SEA 6.130

Education: B.A. in Neuroscience, Illinois Wesleyan University

Photo of Evan Nudi

Evan Nudi

Graduate student

Photo of Courtney O’Donnell

Courtney O’Donnell

Graduate student

Education: M.S. in Psychological Sciences, Pacific University

Interests: Long distance running, soccer, international travel, copious amounts of coffee, reading and keeping up to date with the latest Neuro research!

Photo of Kaila Parker

Kaila Parker

Graduate Student |
SEA 5.226

Education: Ph.D, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Concussion, Concussion Animal Modeling, Concussion and Traumatic Injury Biomarkers

Photo of Celeste Saucedo

Celeste Saucedo

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Psychology, University of North Texas

Interests: Transcranial infrared stimulation, cognitive enhancement in healthy and clinical populations, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's disease.

Photo of Kylee Smith

Kylee Smith

Graduate student |
SEA 5.108

Education: B.S in Neuroscience and Psychology, Bowling Green State University

Interests: Traumatic brain injury, Long-term recovery, Fear conditioning, Learning and memory

Photo of Adriana Vasquez

Adriana Vasquez

Graduate student |
SEA 6.114B

Education: B.S. Psychology, University of Texas at El Paso

Clinical Psychology

Photo of Scarlett Baird

Scarlett Baird

Graduate student |
CLA 4.600

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: CBT, Veteran Reintegration, Determinants of Treatment Adherence, Physical Activity

Photo of Avery Campos

Avery Campos

SEA 2.302B

Education: B.A., Kenyon College

Photo of Emily Carl

Emily Carl

Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab |
CLA 4.600

Education: M.A., Boston University

Interests: Novel treatments, anxiety treatment, GAD, exercise, eating, smoking, rumination, mindfulness, personalized medicine, ecological momentary assessment, augmentative treatment strategies

Photo of Julia Chafkin

Julia Chafkin

Graduate student |
SEA 3.412

Interests: Neuroendocrinology, Perinatal Mental Health, Postpartum Mental Health, Neonatal and Child Development, Adolescent Endocrinology

Photo of Maria Dekhtyar

Maria Dekhtyar

Graduate student

SEA 4.111D

Education: B.A., Boston University

Interests: neuropsychology, aging, neuroimaging

Photo of Christy Dutcher

Christy Dutcher

Graduate student

Education: M.Ed., University of Houston

Interests: Effect of emotion dysregulation in the treatment of anxiety and substance use disorders, novel interventions for anxiety and mood disorders

Photo of Avtalya Feldman

Avtalya Feldman

Graduate student |
Seay 4.310

Education: B.S., Yale University

Photo of Dariella Fernandez

Dariella Fernandez

Graduate student

Education: B.A. in Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley

Interests: Aging, dementia, neuropsychology

Photo of Caitlin Fischer

Caitlin Fischer

Graduate student |
SEA 3.112C

Education: B.A., University of Southern California

Interests: PTSD; anxiety disorders; protective factors; gender differences; interventions

Photo of Anna Alban Foulser

Anna Alban Foulser

Graduate Student |
781-572-9675 |
SEA 3.112B

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: PTSD, assault-related PTSD, shame, interventions

Photo of Bridget Freihart

Bridget Freihart

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: M.S.W., UC Berkeley

Interests: Sexual satisfaction in couples, physiological coregulation, psychometric development

Photo of Ariel Handy

Ariel Handy

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: BA, University of Vermont

Interests: Brief interventions for sexual dysfunction, sexuality in special populations, sexuality across cultures

Photo of Brennan Hickson

Brennan Hickson

Graduate student |
SEA 4.111

Education: B.S., Neuroscience; B.A., Philosophy, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Photo of Jolene Jacquart

Jolene Jacquart

Graduate student |
CLA 4.600

Education: M.A., The University of Texas - Austin

Interests: Health Behaviors, CBT & Exposure Therapy, Exercise, Mindfulness

Photo of Chelsea Kilimnik

Chelsea Kilimnik

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: M.Sc, Trent University

Interests: Sexual violence, non-consensual sexual experiences and subjective identification, sexual well-being and functioning, sexual self-schemas

Photo of Andrew Levihn-Coon

Andrew Levihn-Coon

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Psychology & Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College

Interests: Depression, Intervention Development, Behavioral Change, Exercise, Sleep, Diet, Mobile Sensing, Stigma of Mental Illness

Photo of James Madole

James Madole

Graduate student

Education: B.A., New York University

Interests: Biological contributions to psychopathology

Photo of Travis Mallard

Travis Mallard

Graduate student

Interests: Genetics, alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, externalizing psychopathology

Photo of Ciara McAfee

Ciara McAfee

Graduate student |
607-592-1391 |
SEA 3.412

Education: B.A., Goucher College

Interests: Neuroendocriniology, Performance Anxiety, Personalized Medicine, Epigenetics, Sleep & Performance, Mindfulness

Photo of Megan McMahon

Megan McMahon

Graduate Student |
SEA 2.210A

Education: B.S., Neuroscience, College of William and Mary

Interests: fMRI, sleep, memory, cognitive aging

Photo of Mary McNamara

Mary McNamara

Graduate student

Education: B.A. Human Biology, Stanford University

Interests: depression; attention bias; translational research

Photo of Megan Micheletti

Megan Micheletti

Graduate student

Education: B.S., University of California, Los Angeles

Interests: infant and toddler development, social interactions, quantitative analysis of behavior

Photo of Michael Mullarkey

Michael Mullarkey

Graduate student |
Seay 4.310

Interests: Brief Intervention Development; Predicting Treatment Response; Symptom Level Analysis

Photo of Santiago Papini

Santiago Papini

Graduate student

Education: MA, CUNY-City College

Interests: experimental psychopathology, latent growth mixture modeling, network analysis, machine learning

Photo of Megan Patterson

Megan Patterson

Graduate student

Photo of Derek Pisner

Derek Pisner

Graduate student |
703-200-8389 |
CLA 4.600

Education: B.A., The University of Virginia

Interests: Clinical Diagnostics and Treatment, Personalize Medicine, Machine Learning/ Data Mining, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, rsfMRI, BCI's, Connectomics

Photo of Mikael Rubin

Mikael Rubin

Graduate student

Education: M.A., The City College of New York

Photo of Aditi Sabhlok

Aditi Sabhlok

Graduate student |
SEA 5.128

Education: B.S., Duke University

Photo of Mackenzie Sears

Mackenzie Sears

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: B.A., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Sexual satisfaction in romantic relationships, sexual dysfunction, dyadic communication, non-consensual sexual experiences

Photo of Emma Siegel

Emma Siegel

Graduate student |
SEA 3.112B

Education: B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz

Interests: PTSD, treatment outcomes, treatment enhancement, substance use

Photo of Aliza Stein

Aliza Stein

Graduate Student |
CLA 4.600

Education: B.A., Boston University

Interests: Novel Interventions for Mood and Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, CBT, Expsosure Therapy

Photo of Estrella Thomas

Estrella Thomas

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Southwestern University

Interests: PTSD; anxiety disorders; protective factors; preventative treatment; intervention

Photo of Janelle Thompson

Janelle Thompson

Graduate Student |
SEA 4.111D

Education: B.S., Trinity University

Interests: neuropsychological assessment of individuals with cognitive impairment, modifiable risk factors for dementia

Photo of Valeria Tretyak

Valeria Tretyak

Graduate Student |
SEA 2.302B

Education: M.Sc. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, City, University of London; M.Res. (Master of Research) Brain Sciences, University College London (UCL)

Interests: Substance use in young adults, bipolar disorder, translational research, evidence based interventions, public health

Photo of Cherry Youn

Cherry Youn

Graduate student

Education: B.A., University of California, Berkeley

Photo of Eric Zaizar

Eric Zaizar

Graduate student

Education: B.A., University of Texas

Interests: Anxiety-related disorders, clinical trials, experimental psychopathology, mechanisms of exposure therapy, safety behaviors, dissociation, cognitive enhancers, translational research.

Photo of Mackenzie Zisser

Mackenzie Zisser

Graduate student

Education: B.A., University of California Berkeley

Interests: depression; treatment development; internet-based intervention; ecological momentary assessment

Cognitive Neuroscience

Photo of Mary Abbe Roe

Mary Abbe Roe

Graduate student |
SEA 2.204B

Education: B.S., University of Rochester

Interests: Developmental disorders, neuroimaging, brain networks, typical and atypical developmental trajectories of executive functions

Photo of Eliya Ben-Asher

Eliya Ben-Asher

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Cognitive Science, University of California, Davis

Photo of Damion Demeter

Damion Demeter

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Pacific University

Interests: Neuroimaging, functional connectivity MRI, developmental trajectories of brain organization, developmental disorders

Photo of Guadalupe Gonzalez

Guadalupe Gonzalez

Graduate student |
SEA 3.312

Education: B.A., Bethel College

Interests: Racial Bias, Ethnic Bias, Cognitive Neuroscience, Attention, Memory, Social Cognition

Photo of Nicholas Griffin

Nicholas Griffin

Graduate student |
SEA 2.210B

Education: B.S., Michigan State University

Interests: Memory distortion, attention bias, depression, EEG.

Hyo Jeong Kim

Graduate student

Photo of Seth Koslov

Seth Koslov

Graduate student |
SEA 2.218

Education: B.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Mechanisms of working memory and prospective memory, individual differences in learning and decision-making

Photo of Dillon Luke

Dillon Luke

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Wake Forest University

Photo of Remington Mallett

Remington Mallett

Graduate student |
SEA 2.218

Education: B.S., University of Missouri at St. Louis

Interests: neural representations of working memory; the interaction between memory and perception; circadian fluctuations of cognition

Francois Martel

Graduate student

Photo of Sharon Noh

Sharon Noh

Graduate student

Patrick O'connor

Graduate student

Cognitive Science

Photo of Jesse Huynh

Jesse Huynh

Graduate student

Photo of Eumie Jhong

Eumie Jhong

Graduate student |
SEA 5.130

Education: B.A. Liberal Arts, The New School

Photo of Tyler Larguinho

Tyler Larguinho

Graduate student |
SEA 5.130

Education: B.S. Psychology, University of Rhode Island

Interests: Decision making, Similarity, Consumer choice/behavior

Developmental Psychology

Photo of James Daly

James Daly

Graduate student |
SEA 1.212C

Education: B.A., Stanford University

Photo of Melanie Gonzalez

Melanie Gonzalez

Graduate student |
SEA 1.326E

Education: B.S., M.A., Cornell University

Interests: Adolescent development; Academic motivation and engagement; Social group disparities in motivational support; Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies

Photo of Kelsey Kelley

Kelsey Kelley

Graduate Student, Woolley Lab |
SEA 1.316 C

Education: B.A., University of San Francisco

Interests: Supernatural explanations across development; Individual differences in belief

Photo of Fortunato Medrano

Fortunato Medrano

Graduate student

Education: B. S., Northwestern University

Interests: Social Cognitive Development; Adolescent Psychological Interventions; Scalable Interventions; Psychological Measurement

Photo of Jenny Nissel

Jenny Nissel

Graduate student |

Education: B.A., Yale University

Interests: Development of imagination, fantasy-reality distinction

Photo of Joseph O'brien

Joseph O'brien

Graduate student

Education: B.A., North Carolina State University

Photo of Shaden Powell

Shaden Powell

Graduate student

Education: M.Ed in Counseling and Human Development, George Mason University

Interests: Caregiver- child interactions, Development, Language, Mental health interventions

Photo of Mayra Chantal Ramirez

Mayra Chantal Ramirez

Graduate student |
SEA 1.318C

Education: B.A., Texas A&M University

Interests: Bilingual language processing and development, learning strategies in early bilinguals and second language learners, dual language education

Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology

Photo of Courtney Crosby

Courtney Crosby

Graduate student |

Education: M.A. in Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Human mating, sexual arousal, sexual disgust, sexual decision-making behaviors

Photo of Patrick Durkee

Patrick Durkee

Graduate Student

Education: M.A. Experimental Psychology, California State University, Fullerton

Interests: Evolutionary Psychology, Social Status, Hierarchy Negotiation, Bargaining Power

Photo of Anna Sedlacek

Anna Sedlacek

Graduate student |
7327353911 |
SEA 3.324E

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Sexual harassment, intersexual conflict, individual differences in mating strategies

Perception, Brain and Behavior

Yoon Bai

Graduate student

Photo of Gabriela Coello-Reyes

Gabriela Coello-Reyes

Graduate student |
SEA 6.128A

Education: B.S. Biology: Neurobiology, The University of Texas at Austin

Eric Hart

Graduate student

Photo of Ronan O'Shea

Ronan O'Shea

Graduate student

Education: Bachelors of Science; Neuroscience, Brown University

Photo of Can Oluk

Can Oluk

Graduate student

Daniel Panfili

Graduate Student

Education: B.S., Drexel University

Interests: Visual Perception, Virtual Reality, 3D Motion, Eye Tracking

Issac Rhim

Graduate student

Photo of Jake Whritner

Jake Whritner

Graduate student

Education: B.A., New York University;, M.A., The University of Kent

Interests: Vision science, perception, motion processing, 3D motion, eye tracking, natural scene statistics, computer vision

Social and Personality Psychology

Photo of Amy Arndt

Amy Arndt

Graduate student

Interests: prosocial behavior, perspective taking, media influence and interaction

Photo of Ashwini Ashokkumar

Ashwini Ashokkumar

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426A

Interests: identity fusion, group identity, intergroup conflict, morality, online research methods

Photo of Serena Brandler

Serena Brandler

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426A

Education: B.A., Rice University

Photo of Skylar Brannon

Skylar Brannon

Graduate student

Interests: Social Cognition, Belief Updating, Cognitive Consistency, Morality, Impression Formation

Photo of Kayla Jordan

Kayla Jordan

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426 E

Education: M.S., Experimental Psychology, Missouri State University

Interests: language, political psychology, morality, health, computational psychology

Photo of Haesung Jung

Haesung Jung

Graduate student

Photo of Zachariah Marrero

Zachariah Marrero

Graduate student |
SEA 3.246C

Education: B.S. Psychology, 2017, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Interests: PERSONALITY: Structure, processes and development; The manifestation of personality in everyday life and diagnosticity; Person perception; Self-knowledge and well-being; Decision-making; Group personality composition; Latent emotional experiences on moral judgments (Moral heuristics and biases) NOVEL RESEARCH METHODS: Mobile sensing; Machine learning; Localization; Geofencing ECOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY: Enviornment selection and manipulation; Environmental impacts on psychology and behavior.

Photo of Sarah Seraj

Sarah Seraj

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426C

Education: MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: language, group bias, close relationships

Photo of Miti Shah

Miti Shah

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426A

Education: M.Sc Clinical Psychology, Christ University, India

Interests: Prosocial, helping and altruistic behaviour. Influencing and increasing compliance in rule following behaviour.

Photo of Sanaz Talaifar

Sanaz Talaifar

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426 D

Interests: identity fusion, the self, well-being, morality, political psychology, psychology of architecture

Photo of Mohini Tellakat

Mohini Tellakat

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426 C

Interests: social behaviors, social perception, mental health, computational psychology, language

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