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Behavioral Neuroscience

Photo of Laura Agee

Laura Agee

Graduate student

Photo of Emily Hilz

Emily Hilz

Graduate student |

Education: PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: learning and memory, psychopharmacology, sex differences, appetetive conditioning/extinction

Photo of M. Nicole Kunkel

M. Nicole Kunkel

Graduate student

Education: B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience, St. Edward's University

Interests: hormones and behavior, reward, sexual development and behavior, mate choice / preference, women's sexual health and wellness, female reproductive health, health equity, Culture of Health, health policy, accessible science, sex workers' occupational health

Photo of Sydney Lee

Sydney Lee

Graduate student

Education: B.S. in Psychology, Minnesota State University - Mankato

Interests: Spinal cord injury, neuroinflammation, neuropathic pain, circadian rhythms, anxiety

Photo of Julia Martz

Julia Martz

Graduate student |
512-471-0272 |
SEA 6.114B

Interests: Neural-endocrine regulation of motivated behaviors and associated disorders such as addiction, anxiety, and depression

Photo of Tyler Milewski

Tyler Milewski

Graduate student |
SEA 4.126

Education: M.S. Biochemistry, University of Scranton

Interests: Social Neuroscience, Neural Plasticity, Animal Cognition, Social Communication

Photo of Kevin Moran

Kevin Moran

Graduate student |
SW7 Office 201

Education: B.S. in Psychology, University of Iowa

Photo of Victoria Nemchek

Victoria Nemchek

Graduate student |
SEA 6.130

Education: B.A. in Neuroscience, Illinois Wesleyan University

Photo of Evan Nudi

Evan Nudi

Graduate student

Photo of Marcelle Olvera

Marcelle Olvera

Graduate student

Education: B.S in Psychology, University of Houston

Interests: Learning, Memory, Alcohol Abuse Disorder Research

Photo of Kaila Parker

Kaila Parker

Graduate Student |
HDB 5th Floor

Education: B.S. in Biology, DePaul University

Interests: Traumatic Brain Injury, early-life stress, early-life adversity, injury markers, outcomes after TBI

Sydney Seese

Graduate student

Education: Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, Michigan State University

Interests: behavioral neuroscience, learning and memory, social influence, plasticity, fear

Photo of Kylee Smith

Kylee Smith

Graduate student |
SEA 5.108

Education: B.S in Neuroscience and Psychology, Bowling Green State University

Interests: Traumatic brain injury, Long-term recovery, Fear conditioning, Learning and memory

Photo of Adriana Vasquez

Adriana Vasquez

Graduate student |
SEA 6.114B

Education: B.S. Psychology, University of Texas at El Paso

Clinical Psychology

Photo of Emily Carl

Emily Carl

Anxiety & Health Behaviors Lab |
CLA 4.600

Education: M.A., Boston University

Interests: Novel treatments, PTSD, depression, exercise, treatment matching, VR, mobile apps

Photo of Julia Chafkin

Julia Chafkin

Graduate student |
SEA 3.412

Interests: Neuroendocrinology, Perinatal Mental Health, Postpartum Mental Health, Neonatal and Child Development, Adolescent Endocrinology

Photo of Maria Dekhtyar

Maria Dekhtyar

Graduate student |
SEA 4.111D

Education: B.A., Boston University

Interests: neuropsychology, aging, neuroimaging

Madeline Divine

Graduate student |

Education: B.S.,B.S., University of Missouri, University of Tulsa

Interests: neuroendocrine, suicide, women's mental health, menstrual cycle, PME

Photo of Christy Dutcher

Christy Dutcher

Graduate student

Education: M.Ed., University of Houston

Interests: Effect of emotion dysregulation in the treatment of anxiety and substance use disorders, novel interventions for anxiety and mood disorders

Photo of Avtalya Feldman

Avtalya Feldman

Graduate student |
Seay 4.310

Education: B.S., Yale University

Photo of Dariella Fernandez

Dariella Fernandez

Graduate student

Education: B.A. in Cognitive Science, UC Berkeley

Interests: Aging, dementia, neuropsychology

Photo of Caitlin Fischer

Caitlin Fischer

Graduate student |
SEA 3.112C

Education: B.A., University of Southern California

Interests: PTSD; anxiety disorders; protective factors; gender differences; interventions

Photo of Anna Alban Foulser

Anna Alban Foulser

Graduate Student |
781-572-9675 |
SEA 3.112B

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: PTSD, assault-related PTSD, shame, safety behaviors, self-compassion

Photo of Bridget Freihart

Bridget Freihart

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: M.S.W., UC Berkeley

Interests: Sexual satisfaction in couples, physiological coregulation, psychometric development

Photo of Ariel Handy

Ariel Handy

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: BA, University of Vermont

Interests: Brief interventions for sexual dysfunction, sexuality in special populations, sexuality across cultures

Photo of Brennan Hickson

Brennan Hickson

Graduate student |
SEA 4.111

Education: M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Chelsea Kilimnik

Chelsea Kilimnik

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: M.Sc, Trent University

Interests: Sexual violence, non-consensual sexual experiences and subjective identification, sexual well-being and functioning, sexual self-schemas

Photo of Lewis Leone

Lewis Leone

Graduate student

Education: M.S. Clinical Research Methods, Fordham University

Interests: Treatment Development; Psychosomatics; Idiographic Methodology; Network Analysis; Psychiatric Nosology

Photo of Andrew Levihn-Coon

Andrew Levihn-Coon

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Psychology & Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College

Interests: Depression, Intervention Development, Behavioral Change, Exercise, Sleep, Diet, Mobile Sensing, Stigma of Mental Illness

Photo of James Madole

James Madole

Graduate student

Education: M.A. Clinical Psychology, UT-Austin

Interests: biological psychiatry, lifespan development, philosophy of science

Photo of Travis Mallard

Travis Mallard

Graduate student

Interests: Genetics, alcohol and drug abuse, addiction, externalizing psychopathology

Photo of Ciara McAfee

Ciara McAfee

Graduate student |
607-592-1391 |
SEA 3.412

Education: B.A., Goucher College

Interests: Neuroendocriniology, Performance Anxiety, Personalized Medicine, Epigenetics, Sleep & Performance, Mindfulness

Photo of Megan McMahon

Megan McMahon

Graduate Student |
SEA 3.312E

Education: MA Clinical Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: neuropsychology, sleep, memory, aging

Photo of Mary McNamara

Mary McNamara

Graduate student

Education: B.A. Human Biology, Stanford University

Interests: depression; attention bias; translational research

Photo of Megan Micheletti

Megan Micheletti

Graduate student

Education: B.S., University of California, Los Angeles

Interests: infant and toddler development, social interactions, quantitative analysis of behavior

Photo of Santiago Papini

Santiago Papini

Graduate student

Education: MA, CUNY-City College

Interests: experimental psychopathology, network analysis, machine learning

Photo of Derek Pisner

Derek Pisner

Graduate student |
703-200-8389 |
CLA 4.600

Education: B.A., The University of Virginia

Interests: Clinical Diagnostics and Treatment, Personalize Medicine, Machine Learning/ Data Mining, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, rsfMRI, BCI's, Connectomics

Photo of Mikael Rubin

Mikael Rubin

Graduate student

Education: M.A., The City College of New York

Photo of Aditi Sabhlok

Aditi Sabhlok

Graduate student |
SEA 5.128

Education: B.S., Duke University

Photo of Mackenzie Sears

Mackenzie Sears

Graduate student |
SEA 3.318

Education: B.A., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Sexual satisfaction in romantic relationships, sexual dysfunction, dyadic communication, non-consensual sexual experiences

Photo of Emma Siegel

Emma Siegel

Graduate student |
SEA 3.112B

Education: M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: PTSD, treatment outcomes, treatment enhancement, anxiety

Photo of Aliza Stein

Aliza Stein

Graduate Student |
CLA 4.600

Education: B.A., Boston University

Interests: Novel Interventions for Mood and Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, CBT, Expsosure Therapy

Photo of Estrella Thomas

Estrella Thomas

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Southwestern University

Interests: PTSD; anxiety disorders; protective factors; preventative treatment; intervention

Photo of Janelle Thompson

Janelle Thompson

Graduate Student |
SEA 4.111D

Education: B.S., Trinity University

Interests: neuropsychological assessment of individuals with cognitive impairment, modifiable risk factors for dementia

Photo of Valeria Tretyak

Valeria Tretyak

Graduate Student |
SEA 2.302B

Education: M.Sc. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, City, University of London; M.Res. (Master of Research) Brain Sciences, University College London (UCL)

Interests: Substance use in young adults, bipolar disorder, translational research, evidence based interventions, public health

Photo of Cherry Youn

Cherry Youn

Graduate student

Education: B.A., University of California, Berkeley

Photo of Eric Zaizar

Eric Zaizar

Graduate student

Education: B.A., University of Texas

Interests: Anxiety-related disorders, clinical trials, experimental psychopathology, mechanisms of exposure therapy, safety behaviors, dissociation, cognitive enhancers, translational research.

Photo of Mackenzie Zisser

Mackenzie Zisser

Graduate student

Education: B.A., University of California Berkeley

Interests: depression; treatment development; internet-based intervention; ecological momentary assessment

Cognitive Neuroscience

Photo of Eliya Ben-Asher

Eliya Ben-Asher

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Cognitive Science, University of California, Davis

Photo of Damion Demeter

Damion Demeter

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Pacific University

Interests: Neuroimaging, functional connectivity MRI, developmental trajectories of brain organization, developmental disorders

Photo of Ian Douglas

Ian Douglas

Graduate student

Education: M.S. Applied Statistics, Columbia University

Interests: Machine learning; functional connectomics; individual differences

Photo of Tyler Larguinho

Tyler Larguinho

Graduate student |
SEA 2.204

Education: B.S. Psychology, University of Rhode Island

Interests: Sleep, ADHD, Executive function, Control networks, Default mode network

Photo of Remington Mallett

Remington Mallett

Graduate student |
SEA 2.218

Education: B.S., University of Missouri at St. Louis

Interests: neural representations of working memory; the interaction between memory and perception; circadian fluctuations of cognition

Francois Martel

Graduate student

Photo of Sharon Noh

Sharon Noh

Graduate student

Patrick O'connor

Graduate student

Blaire Porter

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Trinity University

Cognitive Science

Photo of Fanni Ajna Kertesz

Fanni Ajna Kertesz

Graduate student |
SEA 1.316E

Education: B.A. in Psychology and Anthropology, Skidmore College

Interests: cognitive development, social development, learning, language development, bilingualism, cross-cultural differences and similarities

Photo of Hannah Lunkenheimer

Hannah Lunkenheimer

Graduate student |
SEA 1.316E

Education: B.A in Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Causal reasoning, belief in afterlife, ritual, religious cognition

Photo of Jesse Peregrino

Jesse Peregrino

Graduate student |
SEA 1.316D

Education: B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy, California State University, Northridge

Interests: Causal Reasoning, Scientific Reasoning, Explanations, Beliefs, Social Cognition, Science Denial

Developmental Psychology

Andrei Amatuni

Graduate student

Education: B.S., Brain and Cognitive Science, University of Rochester

Interests: attention, representation learning, embodied cognition, language learning

Photo of James Daly

James Daly

Graduate student |
SEA 1.212C

Education: B.A., Stanford University

Interests: Conceptual development, belief revision, language

Photo of Melanie Gonzalez

Melanie Gonzalez

Graduate student |
SEA 1.318B

Education: B.S., M.A., Cornell University

Interests: Adolescent development; Academic motivation and engagement; Social group disparities in motivational support; Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies

Photo of Kelsey Kelley

Kelsey Kelley

Graduate Student, Woolley Lab

Education: M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Supernatural explanations across development; Individual differences in belief

Photo of Anna Madden-Rusnak

Anna Madden-Rusnak

Graduate student |
4.106 RLP

Education: M.A. Psychological Research, Texas State University

Interests: Methodology, Statistics, Development

Photo of Fortunato Medrano

Fortunato Medrano

Graduate student

Education: B. S., Northwestern University

Interests: Social Cognitive Development; Adolescent Psychological Interventions; Scalable Interventions; Psychological Measurement

Photo of Jenny Nissel

Jenny Nissel

Graduate student |

Education: B.A., Yale University

Interests: Development of imagination, fantasy-reality distinction

Photo of Shaden Powell

Shaden Powell

Graduate student

Education: M.Ed in Counseling and Human Development, George Mason University

Interests: Caregiver- child interactions, Development, Language, Mental health interventions

Photo of Mayra Chantal Ramirez

Mayra Chantal Ramirez

Graduate student |
SEA 1.318D

Education: M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: bilingual and monolingual language development, parent-infant interaction, parental responsivity, Latinx child development

Sara Schroer

Graduate student

Education: M.A. Psychological & Brain Sciences, Indiana University

Interests: caregiver-infant interactions, language acquisition and word learning, attention, cross-cultural research

Photo of Nicole Steiner

Nicole Steiner

Graduate student

Education: BA in Psychology & Linguistics; BA in English, Emory University

Interests: cognitive development, language and thought, concept formation, metaphor, prelinguistic cognition, language for pain, abstract thought, time.

Photo of Katherine Williams

Katherine Williams

Graduate student

Education: B.A. in Psychology, Skidmore College

Interests: learning, pragmatic language, conceptual development

Individual Differences and Evolutionary Psychology

Photo of Margaret Clapp

Margaret Clapp

Graduate student

Education: B.A., Washington University in St. Louis

Interests: behavioral genetics, psychopathology, personality

Photo of Courtney Crosby

Courtney Crosby

Graduate student |

Education: M.A. in Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Human mating, sexual arousal, sexual disgust, sexual decision-making behaviors

Photo of Patrick Durkee

Patrick Durkee

Graduate Student

Interests: Evolutionary Psychology, Social Status, Personality, Social Cognition, Emotions

Photo of Anna Sedlacek

Anna Sedlacek

Graduate student |
7327353911 |
SEA 3.324E

Education: BA, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Interests: Psychology of mating cues & signals, flirting, intersexual conflict, sexual harassment, individual differences in mating strategies

Perception, Brain and Behavior

Photo of Gabriela Coello-Reyes

Gabriela Coello-Reyes

Graduate student |
SEA 6.128A

Education: B.S. Biology: Neurobiology, The University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Ronan O'Shea

Ronan O'Shea

Graduate student

Education: Bachelors of Science; Neuroscience, Brown University

Photo of Can Oluk

Can Oluk

Graduate student

Daniel Panfili

Graduate Student

Education: B.S., Drexel University

Interests: Visual Perception, Virtual Reality, 3D Motion, Eye Tracking

Issac Rhim

Graduate student

Photo of Jake Whritner

Jake Whritner

Graduate student

Education: B.A., New York University;, M.A., The University of Kent

Interests: Vision science, perception, motion processing, 3D motion, eye tracking, natural scene statistics, computer vision

Social and Personality Psychology

Photo of Amy Arndt

Amy Arndt

Graduate student

Interests: prosocial behavior, perspective taking, media influence and interaction

Photo of Ashwini Ashokkumar

Ashwini Ashokkumar

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426E

Interests: group dynamics, identity politics, language

Photo of Serena Brandler

Serena Brandler

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426A

Education: B.A., Rice University

Photo of Pelin Cunningham-Erdogdu

Pelin Cunningham-Erdogdu

Graduate student

Education: Psychology, B.A., The University of Houston

Interests: Goal pursuit, power, fear, political psychology.

Photo of Dillon Luke

Dillon Luke

Graduate student

Education: M.A., Wake Forest University

Interests: Moral Judgment and Behavior, Social Cognition, Personality

Photo of Zachariah Marrero

Zachariah Marrero

Graduate student |
SEA 3.246C

Education: B.S. Psychology, 2017, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Interests: PERSONALITY: Structure, processes and development; The manifestation of personality in everyday life and diagnosticity; Person perception; Self-knowledge and well-being; Decision-making; Group personality composition; Latent emotional experiences on moral judgments (Moral heuristics and biases) NOVEL RESEARCH METHODS: Mobile sensing; Machine learning; Localization; Geofencing ECOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY: Enviornment selection and manipulation; Environmental impacts on psychology and behavior.

Photo of Shaina Munin

Shaina Munin

Graduate student

Education: B.S. Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University

Interests: Individual differences, emotional experience, self, social cognition, social neuroscience

Photo of Sarah Seraj

Sarah Seraj

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426C

Education: MS, Environmental Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Interests: language, social upheavals, collective upheavals

Photo of Miti Shah

Miti Shah

Graduate student |
SEA 3.426A

Education: M.Sc Clinical Psychology, Christ University, India

Interests: Prosocial, helping and altruistic behaviour. Influencing and increasing compliance in rule following behaviour.

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