Race, Indigeneity and Migration


Current and prospective students interested in Race, Indigeneity, & Migration can schedule an appointment with the academic advisor, Tony K. Vo, HERE. 

Gereral questions about the major that do not require academic advising can be sent to tony.vo@austin.utexas.edu

RIM Advisor will provide:

  • RIM degree planning
  • Declaring the major
  • Information about course content
  • Post-graduation and career planning


Advising Audits

One of the best tools for advising is an advising audit. This is a computer-generated list of all your classes, as they apply to your degree plan.

You may also create and view your audits online using IDA, the Interactive Degree Audit.

RIM Advising bars are not disciplinary measures:

RIM Advising is MANDATORY for all RIM majors. Please schedule an appointment with the advisor each semester prior to registration period. Advising bars are placed on your record just before registration. To get an advising bar removed, you must meet with the RIM advisor. 

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