Race, Indigeneity and Migration

Degree Requirements

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The RIM B.A. program requires 27-hours of major coursework. Students will successfully complete the degree using a three-tier approach:

1) Develop a firm historical understanding of the dynamics of race, indigeneity, migration.

2) Analyze the contemporary meanings and permutations of race, indigeneity, migration through upper division course work

3) Build specialized knowledge in a specific area or “track” of race, indigeneity and migration.



Three semester hours of RIM301: Introduction to Race, Indigeneity and Migration

Six semester hours of gateway courses: 

  1. Three hours of Historical Foundations chosen from:
    • AFR 303: Introduction to Black Studies or
    • AAS 301: Introduction to Asian American Studies or
    • MAS 301: Introduction to Mexican American and Latina/o Studies or
    • HIS 317L/AMS 315: Introduction to American Indian History or
    • WGS 305: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies or
    • WGS 303: Intro to LGBTQ Studies
  2. Three hours of RIM350: Contemporary Issues in Race, Indigeneity and Migration.

Nine semester hours, chosen from an approved list, in one of the following tracks. At least three of these hours must include a course that offers training in “tools”:  

  1. Critical and comparative race
  2. Migration and refugee flows
  3. Indigeneity
  4. Gender, Sexuality and Justice
  5. Teaching Race, Indigeneity and Migration

Six additional semester hours, chosen from any course offered from any of the tracks listed above. 

Three hours of the capstone course, RIM 378: Race, Indigeneity and Migration

  • Lists of courses that fulfill each track and geographic area are available HERE.
  • 27 hours total required, including 15 hours upper-division and 18 hours in residence