Department of Sociology

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General Administration: Things to Do upon Arrival on Campus

Building Information

The Department's offices are located in the College of Liberal Arts Building (CLA). The main office (3.306) hours are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Undergraduate Advising (1.216) hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12 pm, and 1 pm to 4 pm. Graduate student cubicles are on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Main Office Phone: (512) 232-6300
Undergraduate Advising Office Phone: (512) 232-6344
Fax: (512) 471-1748

Mailing Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Sociology
305 E 23rd St, A1700
Austin, TX 78712-1086

Internal Campus Mail Code


  • CLIPS and Canvas - Online tools for managing classes.
  • Uploading Syllabi and CVs (House Bill 2504) - The State of Texas requires that all faculty upload their CV and syllabi each semester before the 12th class day. They must comply with these specific State guidelines. Upload them here. Please contact Valerie Goldstein with questions.
  • Classroom Media Console Key and Code - Please go to Mezes Hall (MEZ) 2.104 with a UT ID to obtain a classroom media console key, if needed. Please see front desk for the computer access code. 

IT Support

  • Desktop Support -, 471-5000
  • Classroom Support - 232-5400 (CLA), 471-9666 (other Liberal Arts buildings)
  • General IT Support - 475-9400

Health and Safety

Staff Contacts

  • Julie Kniseley - Executive Assistant. , 232-6305,  CLA 3.724.
    • Overall office management
    • Faculty recruiting, hiring, onboarding
    • General faculty and staff HR
    • Faculty meetings
    • Faculty leaves
    • Visiting scholars
    • Liaison with International Office (faculty and visiting scholars)
    • Account management
    • Budgeting (general office, teaching, grad program, events, etc.)
    • Non-tenure teaching budget and planning
    • Administrative reporting
    • Event planning
    • Manage Health and Society major administration
  • Kevin Hsu - Senior Administrative Associate. kevin.hsu, 232-6345, CLA 3.306E.
    • Accounting (vendor payments, purchase orders, etc.)
    • Promotion and Tenure
    • Mid-Probationary and Comprehensive Periodic Reviews
    • Faculty and student elections
    • Faculty award submissions
    • Student fellowships (payment)
    • Travel for faculty recruits, new faculty, visitors
    • Oversee office supplies, copiers and other equipment
    • Office organization
    • Manage student assistants
    • Manage Sociology and Health and Society websites
    • Manage listservs
  • Valerie Goldstein - Senior Administrative Associate. , 232-6302, CLA 3.306G.
    • Course scheduling
    • Course instructor surveys
    • Syllabi uploads
    • Room reservations and assignments, including proximity (BACS) access
    • Reporting requirements (e.g., TRACdat, CLASP)
  • Michael Schmidt - Graduate Program Administrator., 232-6347, CLA 3.732.
    • Graduate program coordination (admissions, recruiting)
    • Day-to-day graduate student management, including cubicle assignments
    • Student fellowships (planning and budgeting)
    • Reporting requirements (e.g., 18 Characteristics)
    • Comprehensive exams
  • Debbie Rothschild - Undergraduate Advisor. , 232-6344, CLA 1.216.
  • Megan Conner - Undergraduate Advisor., 232-6344, CLA 1.216.

General Office Procedures

  • Mail - The Sociology Department main office and mail room are open during regular business hours; after hours, they can be accessed with a UT ID. Mailing within the UT Austin campus is free, and the Department will pay for business mail to outside the University as long as the Departmental address is used as the return address.
  • Copying/Printing/Faxing - The Department has two machines for faculty, staff, and graduate students to use for official business matters.
  • Telephone - To call a campus number, dial only the last 5 digits (eg 2-6300); to call locally outside the University, dial 9+area code+number; to make a long-distance domestic call, dial 9+area code+number; to call a toll-free number, dial 9, then the number (excluding the 1); to make an international call, dial 88+six-digit authorization code+*+011+number.
  • Room Reservations - Please contact
  • Supplies - To order office supplies and equipment, please see Kevin Hsu or Julie Kniseley.
  • Letterhead - Please see Julie Kniseley for Departmental letterhead.
  • Kitchen - For use by all Sociology faculty, staff and graduate students. Coffee is complimentary.
  • Custodial Service - Offices are cleaned once a month. To have trash removed for the next business day, please set bins in the hall outside offices.
  • Accounting and Travel - Faculty who have an account and would like to know their account number and/or balance can check it here. Requests for Travel Authorization and accompanying receipts should be submitted online. If an account or trip is funded by the Population Research Center, please see PRC staff. Before making an expense, check with Julie Kniseley or Kevin Hsu first to confirm reimbursement eligibility.   
  • Leave - Please see Julie Kniseley if planning to take leave.
  • Clerical assistance - For class- and research-related matters, faculty should ask their TA and/or RA for assistance. The Department undergraduate student assistants can help with some clerical tasks. Please see Kevin Hsu if temporary assistance from student workers is needed.     

  • Department of Sociology

    The University of Texas at Austin
    305 E 23rd St, A1700
    CLA 3.306
    Austin, TX 78712-1086