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Ph.D. Job Candidates

The Department of Sociology is pleased to present its current job market candidates. The candidates' dissertation titles, supervisors, and webpages with links to their CVs can be found below. For any questions concerning the students or for further assistance in contacting prospective candidates, please contact the Department at (512) 232-6300 or the candidates directly.

Maricarmen Hernandez, Ph.D., May 2020
Dissertation: "In the Shadowland of Oil: Toxicity and Informal Settlements in Esmeraldas, Ecuador"
Supervisor(s): Javier Auyero

Katherine Hill, Ph.D., May 2020
Dissertation: "Flexibility or Insecurity: Work, Dignity, and Health in the Gig Economy"
Supervisor(s): Jennifer Glass

Andrew Krebs, Ph.D., May 2020
Dissertation: "Safety as Care: Exploring Mental Health Care in the Criminal Justice Context"
Supervisor(s): Mary Rose

Robert Ressler, Ph.D., May 2019
Dissertation: "The Community Influence in the Everyday Lives of Families: Race, Resources, and Parental Involvement in Elementary School"
Supervisor(s): Robert Crosnoe, Pamela Paxton

Samantha Simon, Ph.D., May 2020
Dissertation: "The Police Force: Gender, Race, and Use of Force Training in Police Academies"
Supervisor(s): Christine Williams

Mary Ellen Stitt, Ph.D., May 2020
Dissertation: "Therapeutic Alternatives in the Criminal Courts"
Supervisor(s): Becky Pettit

Kristopher Velasco, Ph.D., May 2020
Dissertation: "Caught in a Web: The Role of Rival Transnational Networks in (Un)Doing LGBTI Rights"
Supervisor(s): Pamela Paxton

Mario Venegas, Ph.D., May 2020
Dissertation: "Power in the Trenches: Philosophies of Organizing and Accountability in Movement Politics"
Supervisor(s): Michael Young

Aida Villanueva, Ph.D., May 2020
Dissertation: "Transitions to Work and Work Precarity: Three Studies on Women’s Work in the Americas"
Supervisor(s): Ken-Hou Lin, Jennifer Glass

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