Department of Sociology

Alejandro Ponce De Leon

M.A. in Cultural Studies, Universidad de los Andes

Graduate Student
Alejandro Ponce De Leon



Colombia; Armed Violence; Cultural Studies; Ethnography.


Alejandro Ponce de León is a PhD Student in the Department of Sociology. He comes from the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia), where he first received a BA in Political Science (with minors in History and Law) and later an MA in Cultural Studies. His work is concerned with the entanglements between armed violence and everyday life. His Master’s dissertation, “Que la muerte se haga esperar” is an ethnographic account on everyday life in Villa Amor, a poor and marginalized community in Medellin (Colombia) were armed confrontation has been routinized across various domains of both public and private life. Alejandro has also worked as Chief Researcher for a human rights initiative sponsored by the Colombian Livestock Federation on a program aiding cattle ranchers in suing the Colombian state for moral and material damages caused by decades of armed conflict. Building on this experience, his most recent research examines rebel and paramilitary violence against Colombian cattle ranchers in order to explore individual violent interactions as a way to understand the patterns for differentiated use of violence in war zones.

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