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Jamie O'Quinn

M.A., San Francisco State University

Jamie O'Quinn



Sexualities; Race, gender, & class; Youth; Family; Qualitative methods


Jamie O’Quinn is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research and teaching interests include sexualities; race, gender, and class; children and youth; marriage and the family; and qualitative methods.

Jamie's core research agenda examines how sexual inequalities are reproduced through social institutions. She received her master’s in Sexuality Studies from San Francisco State University in 2016. For her MA thesis, Jamie conducted a queer analysis of an LGBTQ-inclusive sexuality education curriculum, understanding how progressive visions of sexuality education envision young people’s sexual futures. This paper, co-authored with Jessica Fields, is now published at Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

Her dissertation, Married as Minors in the USA: Women’s Stories of Child Marriage, is scheduled for defense in May 2022. This research examines US child marriage, or marriage including individuals under 18 years-old, which is legal and practiced in 44 US states. To do so, Jamie draws on life history interviews with women who were married as minors in the United States, interviews with feminist activists, and field observations from activist workshops and webinars. This research investigates the pathways that lead young women to get married as minors, how these pathways vary by social location (e.g. race, class, sexuality, geography, and pregnancy status), how these women construct meaning around marriage, and how activists frame child marriage in the United States.

Jamie is also a Graduate Fellow and former manager of the Urban Ethnography Lab, a Graduate Affiliate of the Rapoprt Center for Human Rights and Justice, and is completing a doctoral portfolio in Women's and Gender Studies.

Courses taught at UT:

SOC302: Introduction to the Study of Society

SOC307L: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in American Society


WGS 301 • Gndr/Race/Class Amer Soc-Wb

44368 • Fall 2020
Meets TTH 11:00AM-12:30PM
Internet; Synchronous

Please check back for updates.

SOC F302 • Intro To Study Of Society-Wb

83730 • Summer 2019
Internet; Asynchronous


This course offers an introduction to the theories, methodologies, vocabulary, and themes of the discipline of sociology. During the semester, we will explore the linkages between individuals and the larger cultures, contexts, and groups in which they live their lives in order to better understand the structure and function of social interaction, human behavior, and the institutional frameworks of society. The overarching purpose of the course is to instill in you the “sociological imagination”, which can then be used to decipher current social issues and patterns of everyday life.  

This is a on-demand online course, meaning that it does not meet in person and is not recorded live. However, the course is not entirely self-paced as students are required to do the following within a given week: watch the week's lecture videos, complete required readings, and participate in an online quiz for each lecture. Students are encouraged to go to for additional information and to test your computer and internet connectivity. 

Grading and Attendance:

Attendance is required and participation constitutes 10% of students' final grades. In addition to the daily quizzes, students will complete 5 short papers over the course of the semester. 


The following textbook is required and can be purchased at the University Co-op:

Carr, Deborah, Anthony Giddens, Mitchell Duneier, and Richard Appelbaum. 2018. Introduction to Sociology, Seagull Version Eleventh Edition. New York: W.W. Norton and Company. ISBN: 978-0-393- 63945-2.  

All other readings will be posted on Canvas.

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