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Robert Ressler

PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Robert Ressler



Nonprofits, education, stratification, inequality, bike riding, making pizza, happy hours


Robert is a sociologist whose research investigates the benefits and problems caused by the United State's reliance on nonprofit service providers for basic human services like education, health, and building social capital. His dissertation focuses on how community organizations can promote or hinder the education of children and stronger connections between schools and families, especially those from racial/ethnic minorities and Latinx families. He graduated from the College of William and Mary in Virginia in 2010, moved to Austin, Texas and worked for several nonprofits until beginning graduate school in 2013. Robert successfully defended his dissertation proposal in May 2016; a project that uses mixed-methods to explore how inequality in parental involvement is supported and challenged through community investment.


SOC F321L • Sociology Of Education

84822 • Summer 2018
Meets MTWTHF 8:30AM-10:00AM CLA 0.118
(also listed as AFR F321L, WGS F345)

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