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Samantha Simon

M.A., The University of Texas at Austin

Samantha Simon



Samantha Simon is in her fourth year of the Ph.D. program in the Department of Sociology. Samantha's research interests include gender, work and organizations, the criminal justice system, and violence. 

Samantha's master's project examined gender inequality in the film and television industry. She interviewed talent agents in Los Angeles about their career trajectories, professional networks, and relationships with mentors and found that the organizational structures and career pathways available to talent agents exclude women.

Samantha is working on several other projects with sociology faculty at UT. She is working with Dr. Jennifer Glass on a National Science Foundation-funded project examining the low retention rates among women and racial minorities in STEM employment. Dr. Glass and Samantha are also working on a paper examining trends in workers’ preferences for and use of telecommuting and flexible work policies. Samantha is working with Dr. Harel Shapira on an ethnographic study investigating gun schools in Texas and how the notion of self defense and the training provided by these schools is shaping American democracy. Samantha has a particular interest in how gun schools instruct women in gender-specific ways. 


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