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Recent Graduate Student Publications

Auyero, Javier, Maricarmen Hernández, and Mary Ellen Stitt. 2019. “Grassroots Activism in the Belly of the Beast: A Relational Account of the Campaign Against Urban Fracking in Texas.” Social Problems 66(1): 28-50.

Aiken, Abigail R.A., Elisa Padron, Kathleen Broussard, and Dana Johnson. 2019. "The impacts of Northern Ireland's abortion laws on women's abortion decision-making and experiences” BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health. 45:3-9.

Aiken, Abigail R.A., Kathleen Broussard, Dana Johnson, and Elisa Padron. July 2018. “Motivations and Experiences of People Seeking Medication Abortion Online in the United States” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 50(4).

Aiken, Abigail R.A., Dana Johnson, Kathleen Broussard, and Elisa Padron. 2018. “Experiences of women in Ireland who accessed abortion by travelling abroad or by using abortion medication at home: a qualitative study” BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health. Vol 44, Issue 3.

Banchik, Anna Veronica. 2019. “Taking Care and Taking Over: Daughter’s Duty, Self-Employment, and Gendered Inheritance in Zacatecas, Mexico.” Gender & Society 33(2): 296-320.

Banchik, Anna Veronica. 2018. “Too Dangerous to Disclose? FOIA, Courtroom ‘Visual Theory,’ and the Legal Battle over Detainee Abuse Photographs.” Law & Social Inquiry 43(3): 1164-1187.

Donnelly, Rachel, Debra Umberson, and Tetyana Pudrovska. Forthcoming. “Family Member Death, Race, and Subjective Life Expectancy.” Journal of Aging and Health. Online First. doi: 10.1177/0898264318809798.

Donnelly, Rachel, Brandon A. Robinson, and Debra Umberson. Forthcoming. “Can Spouses Buffer the Impact of Discrimination on Depressive Symptoms? An Examination of Same-sex and Different-sex Marriages.” Society and Mental Health. Online First. doi: 10.1177/2156869318800157.

Donnelly, Rachel and Leticia Marteleto. 2018. “Gender, Socioeconomic Status, and Diet Behaviors within Brazilian Families.” Socius. 4:1-11.

Donnelly, Rachel, Debra Umberson, and Rhiannon A. Kroeger. 2018. "Childhood Adversity, Daily Stress, and Marital Strain in Same-Sex and Different-Sex Marriages." Journal of Family Issues 39(7): 2085-2106.

Donnelly, Rachel, Corinne Reczek, and Debra Umberson. 2018. “What We Know (And Don’t Know) About the Bereavement Experiences of Same-Sex Spouses.” Pp. 109-131 in LGBTQ Divorce and Relationship Dissolution: Psychological and Legal Perspectives and Implications for Practice. A.E. Goldberg and A. Romero (Eds). Oxford University Press.

Goldberg, Rachel E., Marta Tienda, Michelle Eilers, and Sara S. McLanahan. Forthcoming. “Adolescent Relationship Quality: Is there an Intergenerational Link?" Journal of Marriage and Family.

O’Quinn, Jamie. Forthcoming, 2019. “Child Marriage and Sexual Violence in the United States,” Volume 24 in the Sociological Studies of Children and Youth series, “Victim, Perpetrator, or What Else? Generational and Gender Perspectives on Children, Youth, and Violence,” edited by Doris Buehler-Niederberger, Mia Schoeb, and Lars Alberth.

Paine, Emily Allen, Debra Umberson & Corinne Reczek. 2019. Sex in Midlife: Women’s sexual experiences in lesbian and straight marriages. Journal of Marriage and Family, 81(1): 7 – 23.

Paine, Emily Allen, and Tetyana Pudrovska. 2019. Mental Health and Illness. Pp. 190-194 In Essential Concepts in Sociology, edited by J. Michael Ryan. Wiley-Blackwell.

Paine, Emily Allen. 2018. Embodied disruption: “Sorting out” gender and nonconformity in the doctor’s office. Social Science & Medicine, 211: 352 – 358.

  • 2018 Health, Health Policy, and Health Services Division Student Paper Award, SSSP
  • Honorable Mention: 2018 Sociology of Body & Embodiment Student Paper Competition, ASA

Paine, Emily Allen. 2018. What happens during healthcare interactions to compel gender nonconforming LGBTQ people to avoid healthcare? PRC Research Brief 3(14).

Peng, Ruijie. "Staying and Aging in Rural Hinterland: Women’s Care Work and Emotional Labor in Supporting Two Generations of Urban Migrant Workers." Graduate Student Paper Award. Youth, Aging, and Life Course section, Society for the Study of Social Problems.

Shapira, Harel and Samantha J. Simon. 2018. “Learning to Need a Gun.” Qualitative Sociology 41: 1-20.

Simon, Samantha J. 2019. “Hollywood Power Brokers: Gender and Racial Inequality in Talent Agencies.” Gender, Work & Organization. Published Online:

Stitt, Mary Ellen and Javier Auyero. 2018. “Drug Market Violence Comes Home: Three Sequential Pathways.” Social Forces 95(2): 823-840.

Thomeer, Mieke Beth, Emily A. Paine, and Chenoia Bryant. 2018. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender families and health. Sociology Compass, 12(1).

Thomeer, Mieke Beth, Emily A. Paine, and Chenoia Bryant. 2018. Teaching & Learning Guide for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Families and Health. Sociology Compass,

More forthcoming.

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