Department of Sociology

Admissions & Transferring Coursework

Freshmen & External Transfer Admissions

The Department of Sociology does not have a competitive application process for undergraduate students. All students eligible for the College of Liberal Arts may list Sociology as a major without a separate application.

The Sociology Major requires 30 hours of coursework with 18 hours in residence. This means up to 12 hours can be taken as transfer coursework (or via correspondence). SOC 302 and SOC 317L (or approved substitution) can be taken elsewhere. The department does not accept SOC 327M (Social Research Methods) and SOC 379M (Social Theory) taken at other institutions - these courses MUST be taken in residence.

Note: UT Austin does not have a degree program in Criminal Justice or Criminology. Students may pursue any UT Austin major and take the criminology-related courses offered through the Sociology Department.

Internal Transfer Admissions

An Internal Transfer is any student already admitted to the University of Texas at Austin wishing to change their major or add another major. The Department of Sociology does not have a competitive application process for internal transfer. All current UT Austin students, including Liberal Arts majors, wishing to add or change their major to Sociology must meet with an Sociology academic advisor to review degree requirements. Students transferring from a college other than Liberal Arts (for example, the School of Social Work or College of Natural Sciences), will also need to complete an internal transfer application. We accept internal transfers on a rolling basis. 

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