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Sociology Advisors can assist with registration issues, career/graduate school planning, University policies and procedures, and locating resources. The Undergraduate Advising Office, usually located in RLP 1.216, is currently operating remotely until January 31st, 2022. Advising hours remain Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. To schedule an appointment, you can book online or call our office (512-232-6344). For quick questions, email the advisors at


Advising Audits

One of the best tools for advising is an advising audit. This is a computer-generated list of all of a student's classes, as they apply to their degree plan. Students may create and view audits online using IDA, the Interactive Degree Audit

Advising Bars

As Sociology majors, students will have an advising bar placed on their record when one of the following conditions exists:

  • They are new to the major
  • They are on scholastic probation
  • They have more than one major (the other major may place the bar)

Late Adds

For the Spring 2022 semester, the Sociology advisors may add students to open Sociology courses from the 5th class day (Monday, January 24th) through the 7th class day (Wednesday, January 26th, 4:30 PM) with instructor permission. For instructor permission, students should request for faculty to forward their request to directly. . 

Adding a Closed Class

Sociology uses the online Wait List System to manage enrollments. It is recommend that all students add themselves to wait list whenever possible and periodically check to make sure that there is a clear path to add the wait list courses if their turn comes up.

Reserved Courses

Certain SOC courses are reserved for SOC majors ONLY; students must have officially declared the major to add any of these courses. These include SOC 327M and SOC 379M at all times, as well as some upper division courses during the early registration periods. For these courses students MUST have SOC listed as their major, or as a simultaneous major if they have more than one. Other courses, including conference courses (SOC 379N), honors courses (SOC 679HA/HB), and internship courses (SOC 350N) require departmental approval to add. If students are officially declared as a SOC major and have difficulties adding reserved SOC courses, they need to talk to a SOC advisor.

Changing or Adding the Sociology Major

Sociology is considered an open, non-competetive major. Please see our Admissions page for next steps in changing or adding the major. 

Academic Difficulties

Students in academic distress should see an academic advisor immediately. There are more options to resolve any academic concerns early in the semester rather than near the end. Students should also talk to their instructor and/or TA if the problem involves a particular course. Students on scholastic probation may be required to complete a Success Agreement, and should plan to meet with an advisor regularly to ensure sufficient academic progress.

College & University Procedures

Students are encouraged to talk to a Sociology advisor about how decisions such as a Q-drop, Pass/Fail, or Withdrawal may impact their long-term graduation plans. However, these processes are completed with an advisor in the Student Division/Dean's Office. Additional things addressed in the Dean's office may include: 

  • Graduation Application
  • Scholastic Dismissal Appeal
  • Petition for Degree Modification

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Undergraduate Advisors

D'Evelyn Kaburu and Megan Conner
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Undergraduate Advisor--Faculty

Mary Rose
RLP 3.630
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Advising Office

Currently operating remotely until January 31st, 2022.

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