Department of Sociology

Past Honors Theses

Spring 2021

“The Need for Extra Supports for Foster Youth who Identify as LGBT+”
Emily Bell, Supervisor: Dr. Shannon Cavanagh

“The Asymmetric Polarization of the Democratic and Republican Parties”
Alijah James, Supervisor: Dr. Michael Young

“The Intersection of Health Disparities and Environmental Racism in Communities of Color”
Mia Walther, Supervisor: Dr. William Swearingen

“The Effects of Specific Environments on Adherence to COVID-19 Protocols”
Elizabeth Schwab, Supervisor: Dr. Lynette Osborne

“The Effect of Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture on Society”
Anna Strother, Supervisor: Dr. Micahel Young

"Gender Differneces in Media Portrayal of Presidential Candidates in the U.S." 
Mick Jonkers, Supervisor: Pamela Paxton


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