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Spring 2022

Texas Conference on Feminist Sociology

The University of Texas at Austin
March 25, 2022
RLP 1.302B

This conference brings together alumnae and current graduate students in The University of Texas at Austin Department of Sociology.  There are two goals of the conference: 

  • To collectively reflect on the loss of our colleague Sinikka Elliott, who died unexpectedly in May of this year, and to celebrate her legacy.
  • To recognize her contributions and connections to an institution tentatively called The Texas School of Feminist Sociology.

The conference will feature three main sessions: The first session is composed of those who knew Sinikka, worked with her, and/or engage with her work; the second session showcases the careers of the first generation of Texas feminist sociologists; and the final session highlights the experiences of the first participants in Fem(me) Sem and the Ethno Lab. The sessions will be book-ended with reflections from the faculty with close connections to Sinikka and who have contributed to building feminist sociology at Texas. Everybody is invited to attend.

Christine Williams
Sharmila Rudrappa
Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez
Gretchen Webber
Julie Reid
Cati Connell
Kate Averett
Kristen Schilt
Ada Cheng
Dana Britton
Patti Giuffre
Kirsten Dellinger
Rana Emerson
Patricia Richards
Anima Adjepong
Shantel Buggs
Erika Grajeda
Kristine Kilanski
Shannon Malone Gonzalez
Pamela Neumann



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