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Past Activities

Fall 2020

Fem(me) Sem meets biweekly (Mondays from 1:30-2:30) via Zoom to discuss graduate students’ works in progress.  Presenters will circulate their materials approximately one week before the meeting. 

Sep. 21: Jamie
Oct. 5: Monica
Oct. 19: Michelle
Nov. 2: Gwen
Nov. 16: Upasana
Nov. 30: Faith

Spring 2019

Below is the schedule for Fem(me) Sem this semester. We are scheduled to meet approximately twice a month, at 10 am on Fridays, in the Ethno Lab. If you are presenting and would like to circulate materials, please remember to do so about a week ahead of time. If you would like to get on the schedule, or if there are additional professionalization workshops you'd like to see, please let Abby Weitzman know.

Feb 8: Professionalization: writing manuscript cover letters
Feb 22: Upasana – research proposal for summer project
Mar 1: Professionalization: workshop CVs (bring yours)
Mar 15: Erika
Apr 5: Jamie – dissertation proposal
Apr 19: Elizabeth
May 3: Jess - manuscript for peer review

Fall 2018

Fem(me) Sem meets biweekly (Tuesdays from 9:30-10:45am) in the conference room of the Ethnography Lab on the third floor of RLP.

Sep 18: Thatcher and Katie R
Oct 2: Lilla and Shannon
Oct 4: Ada Cheng - "Composing Ethnographic Narratives" (workshop for graduate students, Ethnography Lab conference room, 5pm)
Oct 5: Ada Cheng - "Breaking Rules, Broken Hearts: Loving Across Borders" (performance, RLP 1.106, 3pm)
Oct 23: Erika and Jess
Nov 6: Elizabeth and Patrick
Nov 20: Jamie O and Kathleen

Spring 2018

Fem(me) Sem meets every other Friday from 1-2:30 pm in the conference room of the Ethnography Lab on the third floor of CLA.

Feb 16: Flash presentations with Kathleen
Mar 2: Council on Contemporary Families conference in Austin:
Mar 21: Mini-fem(me)sems for graduate recruiting
Mar 22: Amy Stone, "The Hottest Ticket in Town is a Queer Ball: On Being Valued and Wanted in the South," 12-1:30
Mar 23: Sam and Jess
Mar 30: Erika and Abby
Apr 20: Jamie and Patrick
May 4: Katie and Beth

Fall 2017

Fem(me) Sem meets every other Tuesday from 1-2:30 pm in the conference room of the Ethnography Lab on the third floor of CLA.

September 5: Organizational meeting
September 8: Adia Harvey Wingfield - "The Post-Racial Workplace: Black Health Care Professionals in the New Economy" (CLA 1.302E)
September 19: Shannon
October 3: Jess and Beth
October 17: Patrick and Ruijie
October 31: Céline Bessière - "Doing Wealth Inequality in the Family: Sexist Accountings" (CLA 1.302D)
November 7: Katie and Erika
November 14: Jamie and Molly
November 28: Felipe and Kathleen

Spring 2017

Conference: The Gender of Ethnography and the Ethnography of Gender

April 3

Presented by the Feminist Ethnography Project of the Urban Ethnography Lab
Department of Sociology at the University of Texas at Austin

Conference Schedule

This one-day conference will bring together a group of distinguished feminist sociologists to discuss their ethnographic work as it relates to the study of gender.  They will address a variety of topics about their research, including:

• Using feminist theory to guide the selection of research topics and methods
• Being a feminist in the field
• Objectivity and feminism
• Embodiment, access, and emotional labor in the field
• The relationship between feminist research and feminist activism

At the conference, invited guests and UT faculty members will be asked to reflect on these and additional questions related to their ethnographic research projects. The goal of the conference is to promote a conversation between graduate students and experienced researchers on feminist perspectives in ethnography and how ethnographic research can promote feminist social change.

Invited Guests:
Jane Collins, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Patti Giuffre, Texas State University, San Marcos
Sanyu Mojola, University of Colorado, Boulder
Rhacel Parreñas, University of Southern California
Patricia Richards, University of Georgia

UT Graduate Student Organizers:
Shannon Malone, Vrinda Marwah, Ruijie Peng, Beth Prosnitz, Katie Rogers

Contact:  Christine Williams, University of Texas at Austin,

April 13: Megan Reid - "Nonacademic Careers for Gender and Poverty Scholars"

Fall 2016

Fem(me) Sem meets every other Thursday from 2-3:30 pm in the conference room of the Ethnography Lab on the third floor of CLA.

Sep 1: Organizational meeting
Sep 15: Sam and Jamie
Sep 29: Ruijie and Kathy
Oct 13: Beth C and Shantel
Oct 17: Angela Stroud talk
Oct 27: Vrinda and Beth P
Nov 10: Cait and Thatcher
Dec 1: Katie and Shannon

Spring 2016

Fem(me) Sem meets every other Tuesday at 2 pm in the conference room of the Ethnography Lab on the third floor of CLA.

Jan 26: Organizational meeting
Feb 1: Tom Waidzunas talk
Feb 9: Anima and Katie S
Feb 23: Shantel and Beth C
Mar 8: Sam and Jessica
Mar 29: Kara and Emily
Apr 1: Queer Methods Symposium - schedule, slideshow clip of event
Apr 12: Kathy and Anna
May 10: ASA practice talks - schedule

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