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Fem(me) Sem is an informal workshop led by Professor Christine Williams. The goal of UT Austin's Fem(me) Sem is to provide mentoring and support for students who are conducting ethnographic and mixed methods research on topics related to the sociology of gender and sexuality. The group meets every other week in the Ethnography Lab to discuss students' current research, including proposals, thesis and dissertation chapters, and articles for publication. One week prior to the meeting, one student volunteers to circulate work-in-progress to members of the group. Members of the seminar read the paper in advance, and come prepared to offer comments, suggestions, and advice. Fem(me) Sem aims to establish a supportive yet critical forum for discussion.

Fem(me) Sem also sponsors speakers and organizes an annual symposium. In May, the group holds a practice session for students who will be presenting their research at the national sociology meetings in August.

In addition to promoting graduate student scholarship, Fem(me) Sem provides general mentoring and encouragement about progressing through the graduate program. The group maintains an email distribution list to inform members of other events on campus of interest to gender scholars.

For more information, email any of the graduate students or faculty.

To subscribe to the Fem(me) Sem listserv, email Samantha Simon.

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