Department of Sociology

Inequality Working Group

The Inequality Working Group is inclusive both substantively and methodologically. Our primary goal is to build an intellectual community around the causes, processes, and consequences of economic and labor market inequalities. We welcome ideas and projects with more traditional methods but also projects with data, techniques, or methods that are distinctively innovative.

Stratification, economic sociology, organization, occupation, and work are some of the largest areas of sociology that also sit at the core of our discipline. It is an ideal area for students' primary or secondary interests. Faculty members who have committed to participate in this working group include Sarah Brayne, Jennifer Glass, Ken-Hou Lin (coordinator), Chandra Muller, Becky Pettit, Kelly Raley, and Christine Williams.

The group meets twice a month. The meetings focus on developing research projects from an early stage to publication. In coordination with PRC's brown bag series, we will also invite guest speakers to give talks and workshops. All activities will be organized through Canvas.

If you would like to join, please send Ken-Hou Lin your name and EID. Please also describe where you are in the program and any projects you are working on.

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