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Power, History and Society (PHS)

Power, History and Society (PHS) is a faculty and student network dedicated to promoting discussion and collaboration between political, historical and comparative sociologists. PHS opens a space for the exchange of ideas and up-to-date research between these disciplines and other fields. It brings faculty and students from the Department of Sociology at The University of Texas at Austin and beyond together for intellectual exchange and events such as panels and workshops. PHS is steadily increasing its membership and sponsoring a growing number of events. Most recently, it launched the Middle East Working Group, the organization's first subgroup, which quickly established itself as an interdisciplinary hub for political analysis of the region. As the network grows, it looks to involve faculty and students from diverse intellectual and international backgrounds to provide a dynamic forum for conversations on socio-political issues in the US and abroad.


Middle East (ME) Working Group (

Political Sociology Comprehensive Exams Group. Visitors interested in seeing what political sociology is all about, or who just like talking about it, can come to the political sociology comps group meetings, sponsored by Power, History and Society. Organized to help students taking their comprehensive exams in political sociology, these meetings provide in-depth discussions of major works, as well as discussions about the broader field.

Political Sociology Reading Group

Social Movement and Collective Behavior (SMCB) Working Group

Graduate Student Coordinators

Riad Azar
Marta Ascherio
Maro Youssef
Carlos Barreto-Beck

Faculty Advisor

Mounira M. Charrad

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