South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

Overview & Mission

SAI promotes awareness, knowledge, and understanding of South Asia by extending the Institute's core activities of education, research, and exchange to the broader community. We believe it is our responsibility to create opportunities for those outside of the UT campus to engage in programs and partnerships that promote constructive association with South Asia.

SAI’s Public Engagement program fulfills its mission through K-12 educator training and curriculum development programs; professional development programs with community colleges and minority-serving institutions; cultural events and speaker series geared toward the general public; and collaboration with local and international organizations.

In addition to its own outreach projects, SAI works in partnership with the three other National Resource Centers (NRCs) on the UT campus through Hemispheres, an international area studies outreach consortium dedicated to the study and teaching of South Asia; the Middle East; Russia, Eastern Europe & Eurasia; and Latin America.

To learn more about SAI’s work with the larger community please contact us.

South Asia Institute
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