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15 Minute History

The 15 Minute History podcast features short, accessible discussions from UT faculty members and graduate students. The topics are wide-ranging and likely to intrigue any history buff. Subjects are drawn from the World History and U.S. History Standards for Texas K-12 social studies courses, making them a strategic educational resource for teachers and students.

Since its launch in July 2013, 15 Minute History has topped the iTunes U’s charts more than 20 times, besting content produced by organizations like NASA, Smithsonian Libraries, TED and Harvard University. It’s drawn more than 500,000 downloads and has nearly 60,000 subscribers. iTunes U selected 15 Minute History as one of the Best Podcasts of 2014.

15 Minute History episodes focused on the region of South Asia include:

Women and the Tamil Epics

The U.S. and Decolonization after World War II

Indian Ocean Trade from its Origins to the Eve of Imperialism

Indian Ocean Trade and European Dominance

The American Revolution in Global Context, Part II

Inside the Indian Independence Movement

The Buddha and His Time

The “Era Between The Empires” of Ancient India

The End of Colonialism in South Asia

15 Minute History is a joint project of Hemispheres, the international outreach consortium at The University of Texas at Austin, and Not Even Past, a website with articles on a wide variety of historical issues, produced by the Department of History.

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