South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

K-12 Programming

A core component of SAI’s program is training K-12 teachers to enhance knowledge and teaching about South Asia. Recognizing the increasingly diverse student population within Texas and beyond, we strive to support multicultural and culturally responsive teaching.

SAI has numerous resources opportunities available for K-12 educators to increase their knowledge and understanding of the region’s cultures, histories and languages and incorporate this material into their classrooms. Additionally, we host many events for K-12 students, including the annual Explore UT event and conducting classroom presentations at Austin area schools.

As part of our K-12 programming, we offer:

SAI is a founding member of Hemispheres, the international outreach consortium at UT Austin that offers educational programming on Western Europe; Latin America; the Middle East; Russia, East Europe, and Eurasia; and South Asia. Many of our K-12 activities are organized through Hemispheres to provide a comparative perspective on global issues and topics.

To stay up to date on all of our upcoming events and new resources, please e-mail Scott Webel to be added to our listserve.