South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

Library Partnerships

South Asia Cooperative Collection Development Workshops

Since 2010, a community of South Asian library specialists in North America has come together for annual workshops fostering a collective vision of a seamless global collection of South Asian research resources to support and enhance scholarship.  Through concerted action and informed by local and institutional strengths, priorities, and expertise, the South Asia Cooperative Collection Development Workshops seek to broaden both the scope and depth of coverage of South Asian resources, spanning all subjects and formats.  Building distributed distinctive collections (such as UT’s Popular & Pulp Fiction Collection) which are then reinforced by preservation and appropriate mechanisms for discovery and access, the workshops seek to affect the future of academic research, teaching, and learning on this critical world region.

South Asia Open Archives

The UT Library is a founding member of the South Asia Open Archive (SAOA).  SAOA’s purpose is to draw upon the subject- and resource-expertise of its members from across North America and South Asia to create and maintain a collection of open access materials for the study of South Asia. This major collaborative and international initiative is aimed at addressing the current scarcity of digital resources pertinent to South Asian studies and at making collections more widely accessible to researchers throughout the world.  SAOA’s initial emphasis is on a carefully curated collection of resources that fill gaps in available online collections, particularly colonial-era materials.  

South Asia Cooperative Acquisitions Programs 

While many libraries and research centers around the country had small pockets of South Asia-related material before the middle of the 20th century, the majority of the big South Asian Collections in the United States—including ours here at UT--came to their current expansive state under the PL-480 and subsequent Library of Congress Cooperative Acquisitions Programs schemes.  As we have done for over 50 years, we continue to partner with centralized “field offices” in New Delhi and Islamabad to supply materials in all languages and subjects of South Asia, materials that find their way onto our shelves and into readers’ hands right here in Austin.