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Forms and Applications for Students


South Asia Institute Graduate Student Travel Grants (PDF, 156K)*

Institute travel grants for graduate students will be awarded only to those students who will use the funds to present their original research at academic conferences. Funds will not be awarded to students who request funds to conduct research. Please contact Rachel Meyer ( or Rita Omrani ( at least 2 weeks prior to travel for more details regarding the grant.

International Travel

In order to support all students traveling to international locations, UT's International Office has put into place a new travel policy. All enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional students participating in activities or events abroad (whether required or optional) must obtain authorization to travel abroad. Please go to the the Study Abroad website for information on the steps you must take to comply with this policy before your travel.


Official Occasion Expense Form (PDF, 172K)*

The Official Occasion Expense Form is to be used when faculty/students need to be reimbursed for meals. According to the University’s policy, you must pay with a credit and/or debit card (name on the credit card must match your name) and we cannot reimburse you without an itemized receipt from the restaurant. In order to get your money faster, please provide the itemized receipt and proof of payment (credit card receipt) as we cannot reimburse without these. Per the South Asia Institute, the maximum allowed for each person per meal is $15/lunch and $40/dinner, with maximum number of 5 guests.

The attached form must be filled out and submitted with the itemized receipt and proof of payment. Complete one form for each occasion, and attach it to the itemized receipt. Please type or print clearly and be sure to put your UT EID. For other participants, in the “Affiliation” section, include the dept. (e.g. RTF, UT) or the university/institution they are affiliated with. Please contact Rita Omrani ( at 512-471-3538 if you have any questions.

The request for reimbursement has to be submitted within 50 days after the event date. Otherwise the SAI director needs to write a permission letter, and COLA staff have to sign the request, which prolongs the process even more.

*Unless otherwise indicated, documents are available in PDF format. PDF documents require Adobe's Acrobat Reader software, a free download from Adobe's website.