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Graduate Program

The Graduate Program of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese is one of the longest-established, largest, and most widely recognized programs in the field. Its many alumni are represented on the faculties of numerous colleges and universities throughout the world.  We have recently built on those strengths and added new approaches in order to reformulate our graduate program as an innovative, flexible, and competitive research unit in the field of Iberian and Latin American studies.

We offer a PhD program that includes three major areas of study: Iberian and Latin American Literatures and Cultures; Luso-Brazilian Cultural and Media Studies; and, Iberian and Latin American Linguistics. These tracks seek to address important themes, including the cultural and linguistic diversity in Latin American, Iberian, Latino, trans-Atlantic, and trans-Pacific worlds, as well as the impact of the ensuing and continued contact among indigenous people, Africans, and Europeans as a result of conquest, slavery, displacement, and immigration. At the same time, our program addresses the impact of new media and methodologies of thinking, learning, and teaching in contemporary environments marked by new technologies of language and representation. These flows, encounters, and intersections shape the research and teaching of our faculty, resulting in a graduate program that is highly intersectional, interdisciplinary, and intercultural, as well as transnational, and hemispheric.

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