Texas Archeological Research Laboratory

Prehistory Research Project | Gault School of Archaeological Research

The Prehistory Research Project at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin is the academic branch of GSAR. It is dedicated to archaeological research and education regarding the earliest peoples in the Americas. The Project works nationally and internationally with much of the local research in the past at the famous Gault Archaeological Site north of Austin which yielded many surprises including:

• Pockets of intact Archaic deposits dating from 9,000 to 12,00 years ago
• Intact Paleoindian deposits from 14,000+ to 9,000 years ago
• Incised stones that are among the oldest provenienced art in the Americas
• A possible Columbian mammoth kill site
• More than 600,000 artifacts of Clovis age (13,000-13,500 years ago)
• A stone floor dating to prior to 13,000 years ago, the oldest house in North America
• Deposits below the Clovis strata representing the earliest known culture in Texas