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Research Access 

This following form is required  when a research project indicates the need for a review of collections held by TARL. The Access to Collections Policy may be found in Section 10 of TARL's Collection Management Policy. 

Request for Access to Collections (download PDF)  

Request for non-human destructive sampling (download PDF)



TARL loans artifacts to museums for exhibits and to researchers whose work requires several months of work.  Loans are only made to institutions and not individuals, therefore, a researcher without an affiliation cannot receive a loan.  A fee is charged to cover the costs of certain artifact loans.  See below for the loan fee schedule. Terms of the loans include provisions for return of loaned materials, and/or thresultant raw data from special or destructive analyses, and most conform to the stipulations of the loan return template provided upon loan initiation. Loans are not considered closed until all provisions of the loan agreement have been met.   

The Bob Bullock Texas State Historic Museum frequently showcases a series of artifacts from TARL Collections as do other museums across Texas.

TARL Loan Fees (see Fee Schedule) 


For further information, please contact our Head of Collections.