Texas Archeological Research Laboratory

Curation Submittals

The following provides the information and necessary forms to curate materials at TARL. The forms can be downloaded as PDF documents.  If desired, TARL staff can provide a set of Word forms.  All forms and documents submitted to TARL for curation must be on acid-free paper. 

Written Curation Policies and Procedures 

Step 1: Request for Housing form is submitted 

Step 2: Obtain/compile ownership documents 

  • Letter of Transfer/Ownership (Form 6) (download PDF file) 
    Transfer form for a Private Sponsor and the Submitting Archeologist. 
  • Governmental Agency Curation Agreement (Form 7) (download PDF file) 
    Transfer form for a Public Agency and the Submitting Archeologist. 
  • Deed of Gift (Form 8) (download PDF file) 
    This form is to be signed by private landowners affected by CRM projects and is to be submitted to TARL along with the appropriate Letter of Transfer cited above. The Deed of Gift is also used in non-CRM situations to document the formal transfer of materials to TARL. This would be the form for an individual or an institution, agency, or company to use if a tax credit for a donation to a non-profit entity (The University of Texas at Austin) was desired. 

Step 3: Obtain Photograph and Lot Number 

Step 4: Document Collection for Submission 


For further information, please contact our Head of Collections and Registrar.