Texas Archeological Research Laboratory



TARL currently produces three publication series: Studies in Archeology, a Technical Series, and an Archival Series.

  • Studies in Archeology - includes new or original manuscripts including current TARL projects in Texas and beyond
  • Technical Series - contains brief cultural resource management or other technically-oriented reports
  • Archival Series - newly published manuscripts and reports from TARL's archives.

Ordering TARL Publications

The availability and cost of each publication in the Studies in Archeology, Technical Series and Archival Series is indicated with its abstract. Many TARL publications are in print and may be ordered directly from TARL using the order form provided below. Some TARL publications are available through the state or federal agency which sponsored the research. Other TARL publications are no longer in print but can be purchased as a photocopy (complete publications only) for a charge of $0.55 per page, which includes standard shipping and handling. See "Availability" under each abstract in both series.

TARL Publication Order Form (Download PDF)



Jordan Lorenz, Administrative Manager | j.lorenz@austin.utexas.edu | 512/471-5960