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This page will provide a list and links for any updates to Pages and Web Editor. Please contact if you have any issues while using a new feature.

February 2024 Updates

Pages Changes

  • Added Search field to unit webistes. Search results will be filtered to current site pages only.
  • Updated the design of the main navigation section on unit pages. The updated design is more resposive at smaller screen sizes and reflects the color scheme of the COLA main website navigation.
  • Prefered image dimensions are now available in the image popup when selecting and cropping an image.
  • The Tabs block has been redesigned. 
  • The Button block has been redesigned. 
  • Added Photo Credit field added to Multi-hero, Hero, Card, and Callout blocks. (New blocks only.)
  • Added basic formatting to Callout block headline text. (New blocks only.)
  • Redesigned the News Highlights block to show 1, 2, or 3 news articles with smaller sized images and equal prioritiy.
  • Addded an optional setting for "More News" and "More Events" link to the News Highlights and Events Highlights blocks.
  • Added category filters to the Gradute Students Profile List block.
  • Removed the Delete Page function from Pages.
  • Added End Time to the Events Highlights and Events Current blocks.

Web Editor Changes

  • Added a new Researcher role to unit profiles. The Researcher role acts like the Graduate Student and Faculty roles and can be used selected in the Profile List dropdown.
  • Moved biography and contact information in faculty profile to the main profile area eliminating the need to re-write or copy that information for each affiliated department.
  • Added Biography field to Staff Profiles.
  • Added the Category ID to each category in the Web Editor for reference in the Profile List CI block.
  • Allow reordering of social media links in the main menu in the Social Media section of Web Editor.