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Internship Course

Watch this video for information on WGS 379L, the Internship course!

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Internship courses are available as part of the class offerings at Women's and Gender Studies.  Internships are individual instruction courses and do not meet in the classroom. 

The WGS 379L Internship is required course for the WGS major, or students may choose to take WGS 360 Research and Thesis instead.

WGS 379L: Internship in Women's and Gender Studies. (Undergraduate)

Experience working in the community or for a nonprofit agency.

10 to 15 hours of work a week for one semester, 120-160 hours total.

Prerequisite: At least 12 semester hours of coursework in Women's and Gender Studies and written consent of the supervising faculty member; Internship Proposal

Form is available from the Center for Women's & Gender Studies

Download Internship Proposal Form (.docx)

WGS 384N: Internship in Women's and Gender Studies (Graduate)

Practical working involvement with participating nonprofit and research agencies. 

The equivalent of 10 class hours a week for one semester.

Offered on the credit/no credit basis only.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing and consent of the Women's & Gender Studies graduate advisor; Internship Proposal

Form is available from the Center for Women's & Gender Studies

Download Internship Proposal Form (.docx)

Selected List of Internship Locations

Liberal Arts students have interned at many different sites and written about their experiences.

WGS Students have held internships with the following: 

Thank you

Thanks to our faculty affiliates for their work with our students. These internship experiences were made possible with support from the following university faculty and staff:

  • Kamran Ali
  • Julie Casey
  • Shannon Cavanagh
  • Richard Cherwitz
  • Jacqueline Henkel
  • Kristine Hopkins
  • Philippa Levine
  • Carol MacKay
  • Jennifer Moon
  • Yolanda Padilla
  • Ann Reynolds
  • Diane Rhodes
  • Sharmila Rudrappa
  • Patricia Somers
  • Sonia Seeman
  • Sean Theriault
  • Shane Whalley
  • Kevin Robbins
  • Brenda Berkelaar
  • Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez
  • Alison Kafer
  • Su Yeong Kim
  • Jossianna Arroyo Martinez
  • Julie Minich
  • Julia Reed
  • Jo Ann Hackett
  • Keffrelyn Brown
  • Olivia Mena
  • Andrea Marsh
  • Lauren Gulbas
  • Debra Webb
  • Kelly Fulton
  • Stephen Russell
  • Kaya de Barbaro
  • Rhonda Evans
  • Mia Carter
  • Simone Browne
  • Chandra Muller
  • Katherine Arens
  • Kathryn Fuller
  • Richard Nauert
  • Nicole Smith
  • Curran Nault
  • Danielle Wright
  • Lauren Gutterman
  • Paul Bonin
  • Stephanie Holmsten
  • Deborah Parra-Medina
  • Eric Dieter