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Hundred Merry Tales

“...that I had my good wit out of the 'Hundred Merry Tales’ — well this was Signior Benedick that said so.” Much Ado About Nothing, II.i

In his annual Camp Shakespeare email this spring, Doc wrote: "This might be a good time to take turns telling stories to one another as we travel together during this suffering, following the ten in the Decameron during the plague of 1348. Or share with one another ‘journey' stories of our own. Shakespeare’s imagination was alive during the plague years. We need to keep that spirit going and ours!”

In that spirit, we are launching “A Hundred Merry Tales (or More) of Winedale.” We are inviting anyone who has a personal connection to Winedale — as a player, student, patron, local resident, employee, you name it — to contribute a short video of you telling a story of a favorite Winedale “journey” or moment. It could be about Winedale the place, or your times at Winedale as a student, really any story that has Winedale as its center or setting, since the journey out to Winedale is the beginning of a lifelong love for all of us.

The invitation to tell stories has been a key theme to the reunion season this year, and we’d love to build an online “virtual Barn” where we can gather to share and hear stories of playing, working, and experiencing rich moments of life at Winedale. This is also a way of gathering stories to permanently archive them.

How to Submit a Video

  • Videos should be no longer than 5 minutes
  • Videos must be in one of the following formats: 3GPP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG4, MPEGPS, WebM and WMV.
  • Please keep content family friendly (PG rated)
  • Upload your video here
    • When you upload your video, please name your file as follows "". For example, if I was doing a video, I would title it "Liz_Fisher-SpringClassSummerClassAlumnusEmployee".mov